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Another 4th

In Griot, Movies, Music, News, Politics, Sports on July 3, 2010 at 9:34 am

Ones INDEPENDENCE is beautiful – thus the U.S. celebrates
while The Essence Music Festival jazzes up the Gulf Coast space.

Ms. Venus Williams’ TENNIS SKILLS are still cutting up,
She faced Vera Zvonareva in Wimbeldon 2010 & whipped her butt!

LeBron James and Dirk Nowitzky are ASSETFUL Free Agents now
Both have NBA Fan Love and ‘an entertaining scoring POW!’

Fab5Freddy is in New Orleans watching Janet Jackson ‘nem put on a show–
While BP shadows the oil spoiled beaches – where few tourists walk to and fro.

Michael Steele’s faux pas pot shot about Afghanistan being Obama’s War,
Has Republicans calling for his resignation; His foolish talk has them up in arms.

Soccer is still in play, and the official foul calling is kind of rough
Many countries pout about already being on the outs of the FIFA WORLD CUP.
(NO-CAMERA-REVIEW at the goalies viewreally sucks.)

So a RUSSIAN SPY RING has been broken up and is currently under investigation.
Recent news reveals a few spies have familial and “off spring” relations.

Might “the kids” have SPY DUTY expectations
from their parents heritaged nations? Hm….

An oil tanker in transport in the CONGO, flipped over and spilled
Nearby Villagers showed up to help clean up & 230 of them were killed.
it’s believed one of the Villagers may have been smoking….. UNREAL. 😦

Oh yeah and I saw ECLIPSE, the Twilight Saga during it’s first 24 hour run,
And realized that the first 30 minutes of the film told the tale of its 2.5 hour sum.

[Scenario I].

Bella loves Edward the vampire and loves Jacob the werewolf too.
In real life somebody would’ve gotten shot & the story would have been through.

Its one thing to fantasize about vampires if that’s your fetish desire,
But don’t be leading young girls down a road history has proven: “fire”.

[Scenario II].
Bella hasn’t got one magical power
yet the two male co-stars fight over her – until near sour.

It’s a fantasy indeed. Power Fights usually arise for something?
I’m Qui
and the whole TWILIGHT hoop’la (to me) is a big vein of nothing.

Again, Happy Independence Weekend – The FACTS are always our friend:
I may not like TWILIGHT, but it’s making crazy dividends!!! So, They WIN! 🙂