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The Big W

In #SeveralLayersDeep, Griot on March 29, 2023 at 3:15 am

Surely you already know what I’m about to say…
W is for WHERE as in “where are you going today?”

That’s right, The Big W has us all atop of this hill  
with our lives, our health, and our strength; able to move at will.

It’s a pretty good deal if you ask me.
Only you think you are getting over, but you’re being WATCHED by G-o-d.

Oh, my goodness! Where did that come from?
Here atop of this hill, there’s nowhere to run

but down.
If you’re dealing in mischievousness, ’tis where you are bound.

W is for WHAT as in “what are your intentions today?”
I hope that they are good because boomerangs feel like wood
WHEN they return the convey.

Boomerangs surf the wind when they glide.
Make sure you exude the right intentions in your stride.

If for no other reason beyond the one that I stated before,
You are not in a vacuum; God is keeping score.

Well. I suppose this piece is shaping up to be a real big clue —
that says “W” stands for Wednesday as well as a Warning to me and you

to be on our best behavior today because it really counts.
Look for opportunity to do good immediately.
Thank God when you see it and then pounce.

Today is dedicated to THE BIG W.
The WIN herein is for me & you.

Camels HUMP

In Communication, Griot, Networking, News, Politics, Self Improvement on December 13, 2017 at 4:30 am


A new camel.

Doug Jones humped-up on a win last night.
A-L dispelled any hint of disconnect in sight.

It was a pretty tight race. I tuned in and out.
I woke up this morning to hear Alabamians shout:

I know many voted otherwise – I don’t think that you’re wrong.

Though I’m glad we’re turning a new corner in this reality song.
We’re looking at things differently – perhaps our unity is still strong.

We are all Americans and we are our best when we stick together.
It’s good to reveal we prefer to heal – still birds of the same feather.

survivor-torch extinguished.jpg

Alabama has a new Jones.

As the cold weather moves into atmosphere, o’ isn’t it clever
that we would find warmth in decency and voting together.

Congratulations Alabama for speaking up and showing face
and proving to the rest of the world that you, alone will call your fate.

Today is a beautiful day. We all woke up alive.
Viva la Hump Day. I’m happy to embrace the Jones vibe.

Virginia started something; it’s a reckoning and it’s loud.
I’m Qui
Happy about it – oui! To be  an American, I’m feeling proud.

Entering the change…

In Griot, News, Politics, Video on November 8, 2017 at 4:51 am

Theme music for today

Did you hear Joe Buddens PUMP IT UP song booming from your neighbors house last night? If so, that’s because Virginia and New Jersey showed up and showed out.

It’s not Friday night but you cannot tell by the way my neighbors were wielding out last night after hearing that the country isn’t as doomed as it seemed.

The college educated suburbs in VA showed up and had something to make clear; they had something to say.
New Jersey came in on that same Democratic horse and up on hind legs insisted they came to play.

Welcome back kinfolk. You were missed.
Though I admit I’m gonna miss Chris.

Remember Hurricane Sandy
when he and Obama were dandy?

I enjoyed that hug.
I appreciated Chris giving up the love.

So, yeah I’m going to miss him and his snarky filled, sarcastic-ridden speech.
But not as much as Chris missed the crowds the day he closed down the beach.

jon-stewart-chair-danceYeah. It’s all good.
This morning NJ has a new Governor in their hood.

There are many across the country who are starting this day off with a smile
after realizing the country may be waking up; marking a new mile.

Me? Sure, I’m happy. I’m an energy lover who thrives on what’s in the air.
Right now happyis spilling over and I feel it in my toes and my hair.

Woo, I’m surrounded! There’s a feeling of giddiness in my solar plexus and I’m ready to play!
Entering the change that can propel us from lame is the perfect hump to ride on this day.

Jump atop of it and co-mingle with the person next to ya. Yield them a smile.
I’m Qui
excited to write that visceral hate isn’t the vibe and quite happy to walk a new mile.