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In News on December 14, 2022 at 3:15 am

Recently, in Trevor Noah’s last broadcast commentary as the host of the Comedy Central’s The DAILY SHOW, he said something that truly moved me in a moment when I really needed a hug. He said, and I quote, “



You know what happened next? I cried out a thanks to God – for being heard.
The Daily Show wasn’t my favorite, yo, but this piece to my heart is WORD.

Love like this makes ‘the hump feel like a coast downhill to a big hug,
I’m Qui
Happy Hump Day to thee. May today boomerang Trevor Noah a whole lot of Love.

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Photo by Amol Tyagi on Unsplash

Yes-Yes! It is that time again that we focus our talks on America’s Black kin.
Good morning, Friday. Let a historical & insightful high-day be our productive end.

Shall we begin? I am so happy to showcase BE, please do believe me.
We’ll start with a community BEST FRIEND, that the industry calls Saweetie.

Saweetie featuring Doja Cat

Whether you are familiar with Saweetie’s work or not, she is still a candidate BEST FRIEND,
after all she is of entertaining roots; MC Hammer and Gab Union are her kin.

Did you even know? I credit her talent and business acumen
to her focus, versatility and side-stepping to-win not to mention

she is a CANCER.
You know how I feel about ‘em; calculated riskers – no chancers.

She’s a crab in a barrel that a lot of folks want to be in.
The BILLBOARD AWARDS has put her in an elite class of women…

Saweetie will be an Honoree at Billboard’s Women In Music Awards section.
Good genes will only get you so far, she pens and strengthens her own connections.

She means just as much business as the next excelling woman or man.
We had to feature her this month because we enjoy her mind as well as her jams.

McDonald’s is all over her merch, so we are not alone.
Saweetie is the one to keep your eye on; she’s worth a wrinkle in your dome.

There are a lot of up-and-comings in the rap game,
she’s more than a glimmer, and insists that you remember her name:

Producing – Since 2016

To balance page one of this 2022 Key Black History Multimedia Mogul insert
we gotta talk about T.I. and how no track lacks a banging verse.

I won’t be so corny as to attempt to “fake 411 hem,”
and introduce T.I. when I know that most of you know him.

Oh, please don’t be coy or shy.
It’s okay if you Tip your audio dials to T.I.

He’s about wisdom, family and art; no one can refute it.
He’s got the hardest bars, good Lord, but he’s much more than music:

Producing – Since 1999

T.I. is known for his music, but it’s no secret that family and diversity are tops in his life. He has five children, and not all of them are from his power partner Tiny, and they still manage to all look alike. There’s no way to feel genetically embarrassed if you are a T.I. Produced Harris. I am convinced.

Aside from being good looking
this man never stops success cooking!

When will he get old? He must be a vampire.
His capacity is broad, and his music videos are fire:

Understanding bar lyrics are a great way to get to know a rap star.
T.I. tips the scales like a LIBRA by birth but has a fear-not lion’s heart.

He lives a life of purpose and I for one am so very glad.
My community is about laced-up unity and T.I. is respected like an Unc or a Dad.

And ain’t nobody mad because we love supporting go-getter-goals
and are always ISO Black Excellence via MultiMedia Moguls.

It’s no secret that the Black community is the 2nd largest consumer of U.S. retail goods.
We are large manufactures of MultiMedia, please return the love and support our hoods.

Pulling back the cloak of “the unknown neighbor” mystery,
I’m Qui
Serving-up more than tea, this is modern day Black History.

Chew Well. Swallow.

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Court cases being tried on national TV
 is not a part of entertainment history.

There are no teams and no sides to choose.
When someone in our society kills another, we all lose.

Ya’ know?
Always Chew Well before you Swallow.

Theres nothing celebratory about a trial, yo.
Court cases are divisive – do not insert nose.

Today I am in a spirited court of family and friends.  
I can’t tell where the love began and I certainly pray that it never ends.

Please take nothing for granted, especially your life.
Hug on your kids, your hubby, your wife…

Everything changes and everything stays the same.
Get your footing, go forward, and Heisman any resemblance of lame. 

Chew Well and Swallow at all times
Pick and choose inspiration to use; conversation, vibe or rhyme. 

Waiting for no one is the legacy of time.
Give thanks for your loved ones, the moon’s light and sun’s shine.

Why not? Then by all means, DO.
Happy Thanksgiving, beloved. Enjoy the view 

of life and calm.
Go on ahead and read a Psalm. 

Say a prayer of thanks before you eat.
Then Chew Well. Swallow. Reflect. Breathe.

I am most thankful for life, I am most thankful for you
I’m Qui
Chilling with fam over turkey and ham, at this calendar cue. 

I’m thankful for wisdom being good to go.
The process to digest: Chew Well. Swallow.