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How Do You Really Feel

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Tell me. I truly want to know. Are you the words that you want to be heard or are you the actions that you show?


What America is going through is real… but we’re par for the heal if you’ll honestly “voice your deal.” So, How Do You Really Feel?


This weekend was good for me. I snuggled and cuddled and gave like, “ooo wee.” You know me, I’m a voyeur to the way that you move me.


I did a lot of Pre-Production work and realized a Production Assistant couldn’t hurt. Perhaps it’s time that I hire someone like me — someone who’s quick on the 1-2-3. Someone intellectually agile and hard to lose – specifically when creating content and discerning the news.


Are you available; are you a television watcher? Do you arrest bad plots like an “Indie Reel Copper?” Are you the film police who tends to get upset — when films debut with big names, but the script doesn’t connect? If you answered all four checks then you’re something like me. I dig knowing that; network awareness is key.


I feel good about our prospects going forth. Life is a game; you be a sport. It’s time to play ball; then play some more. Be aware of what your capacity affords.


Feel for it.


I want to know How Do You Really Feel? I can gather what I want, but you know the deal. Are you okay, are you feeling loved? When was the last time that you had a hug? I don’t think that this is funny, because I’m genuinely concerned. The stove is hot, love. Please don’t self-burn.


Good morning Monday, it’s good to have you meet us on this field,

I’m Qui

We’ve got a lot of work to do this week, so American fam, How Do You Really feel?

Tell it to me like Jay…

A Few Pointers

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Thursday is a Great Day to list a few positive quick bits — so here they are…

A Few Pointers to point you in the right direction::

Surprise! Sleepiness Revs CREATIVITY

Good news for those with endless to-do’s: A study in the journal Thinking & Reasoning found that creativity peaks when you’re tired. When night owls and early birds were given problems to solve at daybreak and then in the late afternoon, subjects scored 18 percent higher during their respective “slumps” ran at more optimal times. Fatigue seems to limit the brain’s control of inhibitory processes, prompting thoughts to wander in a way that encourages “Eureka!” insights.

The Power of GIVING CREDIT even when it isn’t due

Next time your husband burns dinner, thank him for trying. A study at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, found that embracing a spouse’s attempts to improve their behavior– even if the efforts fall short– results in more harmony and relationship satisfaction. Researchers explain that celebrating small successes and believing your partner is capable of positive change will actually make his sincere efforts more effective and foster greater trust and respect between you.

Six WORDS that make GOOD DEEDS Sweeter

Including a note that says “I made this just for you” with the cake you bring to your new neighbors can heighten their enjoyment of the treat. According to a University of Maryland study, food tastes better when people perceive that it’s made with love. When subjects received candy with the note “I picked this just for you,” they rated the goodies as significantly sweeter than identical candy that had the message “I just picked it randomly.” Psychologists theorize that the intentions of others guide the mind’s interpretations of physical experiences.

A compelling reason to IGNORE SOCIAL PRESSURE

There’s a reason we find it so difficult to say no to the brownies at the neighborhood block party: Researchers at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland found that people with a strong desire to please others tend to munch more in social situations in order to put those around them at ease. To avoid over indulging, try responding to food offers with a polite “Not right now.” This stalling tactic appeases social pressure while allowing you to tune in to real hunger cues.

85% of Women report feeling ANNOYED BY FaceBook FRIENDS

Secret Ingredient to Lasting SUCCESS

If your goal of getting to bed earlier often gets edged out by extra time spent surfing the Web, take a few seconds to reflect on your faith or recite a favorite prayer. A study at Queen’s University in Canada found that brief exposure to religious words prompted subjects with depleted self-control to demonstrate significantly higher levels of patience and self-restraint during subsequent tasks, compared with participants who weren’t shown spiritual words. Researchers believe that calling to mind the strength and power of an omniscient God helps replenish the resilience needed to resist temptation.


Every now and then, everyone needs a hug and a kiss.
Every now and then we need a lil guidance thru quick bits.

Every now and then we need to read a magazine so —
it was a First For Women Mag that yielded us this info.

KNOWLEDGE is KEY and my name is Qui.
I will be utilizing these pointers on me! (-:

Preacher trapped in a rappers body…

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Meet Norris J.

He sho’ makes positive rap sound cool. In fact, he’s “THE COOLEST” inspirational rapper I know and his swag is easily comparable to Will Smith.

So if you’ve found as of late that you’re driving music has been reduced from: jamming the latest rap song in it’s entirety -to- only jamming the instrumental – you are not alone. I’ve even taken to freestyling (making up rhymes about me), because I refuse to be a held hostage to “lyrical trash” over dope beats.

I just wont do it.

However, thanks to Norris J, LeCrae, Common, Mr. Pointman, and a local (DFW) cat I know named Groovy — I too can jam a rap joint in its entirety during my road transitions.

I learned of Norris J last winter through an internet shopping executive and she absolutely couldn’t say enough about him. She immediately googled him (on the spot) to make an informal introduction. I’m not easily impressed when it comes to rap – you know this. I like WORDS. They matter to me. I like them to make sense.

Words don’t seem to be of much value to the fad rapper, and the moral of the story is usually: GARBAGE (pronounced gar-bahj).

However, Norris J is on something entirely different. The beats are jamming and the chorus hooks are easy to get stuck in your head. In fact, the ONLY DIFFERENCE between Norris J’s raps and say those of Jay Z or Drake, is simply in THE WORDS he chooses to use – especially in his hooks.

It’s minor adjustments like these (new trends), if caught onto can make a huge difference in our culture and the comprehension of value in our youth. Think about it. They repeat everything they hear…

Norris J is cooler than a fan on HIGH.
Though I won’t lie –
I was NOT looking for another rapper to come nigh…

Then all of a sudden:

This weekend I had the pleasure to network in a little fun,
that’s when I met VeniceMr. Norris J’s mom.

She’s his No. 1 fan. She’s honest in her bias view,
but she was in good company, because I’m an INJ fan too.

After listening more intently and being inspired by every spoken sentence
I knew I had to tell you about Norris and work his mom’s name all up in it. lol!

Norris J is a lyrical beast overlayed on beats and his swagger does deem him a hotty!
Not to mention his insides are good, he’s a “Preacher trapped in a rappers body”.

That last line is a quote from “THE KINGDOM”kin to the headlining video joint,
I’m Qui
CONVERSATION RULES THE NATION and this brothers rap lyrics are on point.

PS — This is good news for me and my youthful intellectual kin,
Thanks to an elite few we too can jam rap in our cars again.
Let’s support positivity & we’ll POSITIVELY WIN.
Hit up REVERB and get your Norris J order in!

Of course he’s spreading good vibes on FACEBOOK and TWITTER too.
Befriend him and “LIKE” his pages —you know how we do. 🙂