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LIFE is A Good Time

In encouragement, Self Improvement on May 19, 2023 at 3:15 am

If it’s not everything that you wanted it to be and all is not fine
are you really living? Life is A Good Time.

Be mindful of your how and don’t fall for the thwart.
Live your life to the fullest because no matter how long – it’s short.

If you were born yesterday, the clock is surely ticking.
Get up and find a good time now, the joy herein is kicking.

Don’t be missing. You only get one life to live.
And while you’re at it enjoy a little take and give.

Live in a house of reciprocity and be active in it.
If you live to be 264, (compared to Earth), it’s only a minute.

LIFE is A Good Time. I really hope you know it.
Post reading this piece get out there and show it.

It’s not infinite
but by golly you can win it.

What time is it?

make it make sense.