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Mondays AirDrop

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Hustlers Convention 2015Let me drop this on ya
– it’s in the air
I caught Chuck D’s “Hustlers Convention” piece –
my heritage on broadcast – a reeled square.

It was Friday afternoon when I landed on the STARZ BLACK station
and heard a few words that made a spirited-soul relation

to my thirsty ears.
Oh dear
I almost squeezed out a tear…

I was so excited.
Words rhymed on a dime
and I did not write it.

THE HUSTLERS CONVENTION — when first I heard of it
was the day I met Fab5Freddy – I rank no chance meet above it.

He shared the history of it all and I loved it.
He encouraged me to embraced my GRIOT root – so I )))HUGGED((( it.


Click HERE to get chin-checked by the original audio – 1973

I was shocked to see Chuck D’s documented revelation of events…
It’s been 10-years since Fab taught me — #GriotKnowledge has been on ferment.

On an average of 3-days a week I AirDrop here to vent whatever vibe may be.
I’m 12-years strong singing this Griot song
that has been broadcasted on various www [dot] Qui ‘s

Ooo wee! It’s been a blast and I ain’t stopping
this weekend was prime for the pickin’ & HUSTLER CONVENTION copping.

Knowledge was dropping y’all… and if you didn’t know
don’t feel left behind, I learned about it on the East Coast.

Check your satellite listings of STARZ BLACK if you want to see 
the orign of the DNA that seeded the #Griot writes of Qui.

I’m trying to tell ya kinfolk, via this Monday Air Drop.
You’re getting it on good authority and it’s okay to cop.

Go ahead and peep the trailer and get a whift of the vibe
and if you don’t have STARZ, YouTube will give you the reel for a real a low price.

Man I dug the knowledge dropped – it was all hype and no jive,
I’m Qui
rendering Monday’s AirDrop a little sharper and amp’d to Go LIVE.

Phoenix ain’t ready…


On the 12th Day of Christmas

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QuiEntertainment Baby

capital Well technically, it’s not the 12th Day of Christmas, unless I started my celebrations on December 12th — and I didn’t. I started my Christmas celebrations on December the 1st, but that hasn’t stop me from singing the traditional song with replacement lyrics. Very non-traditional lyrics (in fact), but I love them. Actually, the lyrics belong to Garrison Keller. Do you know him? He has an awesome LIVE RADIO VARIETY SHOW that I listen to on Sunday mornings via NPR radio.

I was born in the 70’s so not exactly the “radio era”, but I’ve always had a strong appreciation for radio variety shows. In the 10th grade I remember finding an AM station that aired old variety shows at night. I listened religiously and set my heart on reviving the art of radio listening. I still hold that charge. I’m still working on it, but until I carve out my own niche of radio variety shows, please enjoy Garrison Keillor with me, and his version of The 12 Days of Christmas. Use your imagination as he names each gift given to him on each day. Laugh at the sound effects that amp your imagination line for line. Without further ado click here and enjoy the variety show:

The 12 Days of Christmas

…On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me:

12 plumbers humming,
11 bikers skyping…
10 snorers sleeping…
9 ladies chanting…
8 amazing children…
7 Swanson women…
6 geezers playing
5 onion rings,
4 extroverts…

3 frenchmen…
2 squirrel nuts…
and a partridge apparently.

Applaud! Applaud! Applaud!

If you’d like to learn and enjoy more of Garrison Keillor beyond NPR, please feel free to visit his website:

Listening to radio variety shows really gets the mind involved. However, if you’re a visual person, feel free to tune into his YouTube page as well: A Prairie Home Companion.

Me? I’m the EXTROVERT in the song, and I’m feeling quite good.
I’m Qui
Wishing you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS in your radio variety hood.

Laughing at Your Moma

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I didn’t name the title of the video [“Shit Black Moms Say“], but I promise you those are my real life actions (and responses). Trey Moe is a young comedian on the rise. He has an Awesome YOUTUBE VIDEO line up. Watch his videos and work on your abs. Laughter is good for the soul and the abdominal muscles.

Laugh at your Moma today:

I am both tickled and embarassed – mostly because
I constantly tell my kids “those things” – out of love.

I am a fan of laughter if the content is fresh and funny,
I’m Qui
and we ain’t stopping if you ain’t got Mc Donald’s money. (-:

Historical Future ART Mash

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Merging TIME into ART

Yep! That’s the best I can do to with the headline of this article: “Historical Future ART Mash”. For these are the words that roll off of my lips when I think of Fab 5 Freddy and his works.

Aside from being my mentor on a myriad of subjects, Fab5Freddy is a living legend documented in hundreds of art gallery databases including The Library of Congress. How proud am I of his accomplishments to our American, Pop, Hip Hop, and intellectual culture? 😀

Have you ever seen this man out of character or out-of-order? If you said “NO” – some would argue with you on that — and their immediate case in point would be Fab’s recent glitzy exhibition that appears to glorify violence (boxing) and sex (strippers on poles), [Crystal Punch Exhibition @ The Cosmopolitan – Las Vegas]. However, it is clear that those who would make such an argument do not live in the real world. For sex, violence, water and love is what this country runs on. So please don’t insult my intelligence.😉

Click iMAGE to Enlarge

Do you watch THE BORGAIS? Do you watch the WORLD NEWS? Well consider Fab 5 Freddy to be guilty (once again) of Time capsuling albeit on cotton canvas’ & print.

Click IMAGE to Enlarge

The Huffington Post has a great photo line up about the same event. NETWORKING WORKS! I told ya’:
Click here to read the highlight feed @ ••► “ART in the Streets”: Bring Fire to MOCA.

Sharp, FAB 5 FREDDY and Futura in Los Angeles last week

ART NET Magazine also ran into Fab5 (at some point) during the week,
and gave literal props to the legends work in their piece on : “ART in The Street”.

Though one of my favorite pieces – written this time last week
was the one mentioning F5F’s expansive legacy – on HYPEBEAST.

You can catch Fab’s thoughts on “ART in the Streets” via youtube or vimeo.
Of course if you’re into “the audio thing” – peep KCRW & I AM RADIO.

If you’re wondering what the future will look like? Take a good look at today.
Yesterdays graffiti is alive and well in museum swells; human nature doesn’t sway.

Fab is a story teller capturing moments in time.
Fab got his famous mention for writing BLONDIE that line.

Look how he’s evolved – PURPOSE queries solved. He’s a vet @ what he’s doing.
I’ve always said, life is a lot like sex and Mr. Brathwaite is Fabulously screwing.

Ooo Wee I WORD PLAY with thee – but somehow you know that it’s true.
I’m Qui
GOOD FRIDAY to thee and by all means, make it a HAPPY EASTER too.


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My Jamaican Affair

Last night found me in my own bed – in my own home -on US territory.
I took my digital filming camera to Jamaica with me & returned with “their stories”.

I was only gone a week, but it seemed like a month
Every sunrise caught me with the natives – having fun.

Negril was fun and the Baston Style JERK CHICKEN was great —
Collectively our ‘taste buds did say – Negril’s food is better than MoBay
Hey! lol!

Their “accented lingo” was captivating and most enthralling
Their 5-STAR Hospitality – made a sister think she was balling. lol!

But no phone calling for me — my cell phone was out of “affordable” service.
Wi-Fi was scarce – only available @ beach dining — what’s the purpose?

Their purpose was (for the guest) NOT TO do too much WORK during your stay
They respect “the business world” – but duly prescribed us: play.


This morning my phone promptly rang at an early 8:30
it was the business man from the beach: FRANCESO (sounding flirty).

He just called to make sure we all made it back to the US “okay”.
and was wondering if I’d be able to work on ‘his production’ today… 🙂

Good relations are what I always treasure
I’m Qui
and the beach was fun but production is my pleasure.

STAY TUNED for a ‘inside view’
I’ll be sure to divvy it out through ol’ YOUTUBE.