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I like the feeling…

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happy-thanksgiving-2016[NFL dibs]: The WIN goes to the COWBOYS again. #TheyDidIt.
Moms visited, dinner was gifted; tabled contents — we did #RidIt.

Are you still feeling thankful? I am. May the feeling remain.
There was a lot of food, I long chewed – therefore I carry no shame.

Are you still feeling thankful? Did you pack left overs for lunch?
I think the left overs we’ve taken up will go-on-to feed us a bunch.

We had sweet potato pie from Texas to go with the crumb apple and the pecan.dedric-overstuffed
Mom made the sweet potato pie and Cracker Barrel produced the last two pawns.

We ate most of dinners sum and then I worked out like I was in training.
The weather was perfect, good love was erect and the clouds pulled no raining.

Weight? I’m not into gaining, we had a party, a real rumba!
Friday morning will find me back on my grind: jam blocking ZUMBA.

Back on my grind making good memories and hosting good fam.
Back to not watching any type of news or giving a rats sham.

I am both grateful and thankful alike
that I have this artsy outlet of WRITE.

I am both happy and thankful indeed
that life is a gift and love is a seed.

At 6:40pm I have dipped off from the fam for a little literary fun
because I’m happy, I’m full and my COWBOYS WON!!

Congratulations COWBOYS! You are certainly looking better,
I’m Qui
that THANKFUL SHE for life, you and that 10-1 record!


Water Cooler Chat

In Communication, dance, fitness, Griot, Networking, Sports, weightloss on November 21, 2016 at 8:45 am

Water Cooler ChatGood morning sweetheart, I’ll make this quick
I’ve upped my level of fitness schtick. 🙂

Yes child, today finds my obliques and my core
a little less fat and very much sore.

Yesterday I spent 8-hours at the ASU Athletic complex
with a lady named Allison Petersen – we made a connect.

I’m a bit high energy, I dance when I walk
Words dance by cadence – I do it when I talk,

I put my money where my mouth was yesterday
and committed to ZUMBA for hours totaling 8.

It was a licensing course, I was sweat riddled – shiny abs and bouncing mammories.
My #FitBit clocked 27,000 steps and I burned 3000 calories.

I don’t eat 3000 calories on any day, so YES – I lost quite a bit of weight yesterday.
Today 2 Aleve have got me on the ease  and I’m off to conquer the day.

The weekend was long, the weekend was strong and I duly had my way.
I admit I’m a workaholic and I thank God — dont want to stop it, my work is my play.

Heyyy! That kind of outlooks sets up good at the start of any day thus I am up
with a cup of jo on the desktop  – yo, and the effects are hyping #MyCrunk!

I’m up, I’m awake and I’m out the door.
I’m Qui
Water is key, so flip the pages and please sip more.
I do appreciate your company. I call it a SCORE!!!



Before I go I have to be a sport and make some MORE noise:
Congratulations on that 9-1 record dear Dallas COWBOYS!


THEY going HARD!! Stay tuned…

Move that body!

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Today [9/13], send your questions about school meals to Sam Kass on PTA Back to School Night, with live stream and Twitter Q&A here.

On August 31, the President signed a proclamation regarding National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, which is being observed this September. The President stressed that childhood obesity is a serious public health issue, and in making this proclamation, encouraged our country to commit ourselves to addressing this problem and to engage in healthy lifestyles. Check out all the ways you can play a role this September!


The President “crashed” the Kids’ State Dinner last month, when 54 young chefs gathered for a formal luncheon in the East Room hosted by the First Lady. Don’t miss this great gallery of photos from the Kids’ State Dinner.


You don’t need fancy equipment to be active or work out! Go outside for a walk or run and use public spaces and buildings—like playgrounds or stairs outside a building—to be active. Use stairs for step-ups or lunges. You’ll be amazed at how many things you can do if you think creatively!


Make preparing dinner a family activity. Kids may be more likely to eat healthier foods like fruits and vegetables if they help you prepare them. Reinvent healthy versions of your family’s favorite meals- like a healthy pizza. Buy or make whole wheat pizza crust and add lots of different vegetables for toppings. Invite your family to help assemble the pizza and add the vegetables to let them join in on the fun.


Grant Hill Advocates for Healthy Living
Grant Hill, professional basketball player for the LA Clippers, thanks the First Lady for her work regarding Let’s Move! and talks about his experience joining the First Lady in an event before the 2012 London Olympics to get kids exercising.

First Lady Michelle Obama watches the swimming finals and medal ceremonies at the Olympic Park Aquatics Center during the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, England, July 28, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Sonya N. Hebert)

Girl Scout Earns Highest Achievement, Inspired by Let’s Move!
Be inspired by sixteen year old Joslyn Simmons, who created a project called Sports 4 Life as part of her membership in Girl Scout Troup 143 in Jacksonville, Florida. She and her friends started MyPlate workshops, and set up recreational activities for elementary kids to show that playing sports and living a healthy lifestyle can be fun.

Supermarket Shopping 101: Read this Before You Hit the Grocery Store
Grocery shopping can be stressful. Use our tips to help your grocery shopping and make the most of your time. From the best times to shop to reading ingredient labels, our tips will make grocery shopping easier and quicker. We also give you a five-night meal plan formula to make eating healthy on a budget easy and delicious.

How about a little Afternoon NOOKIE

When was the last time you played footsies?

Yes, I like a little nookie, as much as the next.
Burning calories is great via the pelvis connect.

I took to google to find out how much of a burn,
sex will yield
those who eagerly yearn:

68 calories can be zapped from the art of kissing
and 80 calories for a massage – if you’re the one that’s giving.

Serving your lover oral will more than flatter he or she,
and will yield you an awesome burn of 100 calories.
Oooo wee!

Here are a couple of sites that will teach you much, much more,
I’m Qui
Into physical exercise and tracking my calorie burning score.

Pick up the fruit and put down the cookie –
It’ll burn much better during Afternoon NOOKIE.


Denise never gets old

Do it with Denise.

This morning, ’round 7, I received a phone call
that put my leisure dreams on a precise pause.

The call wasn’t important, but I was wide awake.
The opportunity to exercise was mine for the take.

I didn’t want to go for a run, I didn’t look so cute,
so I popped in Denise Austin to do what she do.

It’s a 12 minute workout – appropriately called ‘the dozens’.
Do them twice a day and you’ll never say
‘you don’t get stares from your husband.’

In fact I’m almost certain if you make it a habit to continue to do,
You’ll have to overcome the stares of others husbands too. Ooo!

Check out the way
Denise does 12 play:

This is the exact routine I did before I hit the Bowlflex,
I’m Qui
hoping to pass endorphins
admist our online connect.
Now let’s sweat!

A Body In Motion

Zumba gets RESULTS! Andrea C. took Zumba classes lost 100lbs: – Click the pic to visit Marcela.

Sunday mornings are a great time to shake it up! You can do it before you go to church, after you get home from church, or suppose you’re not going to church today — then this is still a great day to shake things up. A body in motion stays in motion. Get to moving!

I am actually on my way out to church as I type, but I thought it would be selfish of me to not share with you what has me feeling alive and on point: EXERCISE.  I’m no guru, just a grown kid resisting the temptation to become stationary and old. Move with me.

The following movement piece is a spicy yet down-to-earth Zumba class I found online. I’ve done Zumba classes in real life, (not at the studio on the video), and the objectives are the same – KEEP MOVING.

Good morning blogging fam – let’s move those eggs and ham!
You’ve got to get up if you want to get down:

Stay Young!

Me? I know it’s fun! Me? I’ve already made the connect.
Me?  I didn’t do it this morning – I did aerobics and Bowflex.
Move that body!

The power grid tripped…

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My Saturday had been going along well, there was the ZUMBA class that morning, lunch with two of my most beloved peeps in the world, a little shopping and then home, where I fully intended to keep the feel good party going. A couple of hours into the domain thing and my 14 year old kid knocks on my door and says, “Mom, who’s Whitney Houston?” I was shocked she’d ask. I thought maybe the child has fallen and bumped her head. I replied, “How do you mean? Are you okay?”. She responded, “Yes, I was just wondering if she’s the singer you love so much…” I interrupted with “Yes she is and you love her too”. My favorite teen then said, “I’m on FACEBOOK and everyone keeps saying ‘RIP WHITNEY HOUSTON’…” She kept talking, but I faded out of conversation, picked up my iPhone4S and read the news for myself: The first article (I saw) listed on google.

It was as if the power grid tripped. I think I subconsciously blacked out for a few seconds. I was still conscience, but totally unavailable for thought … forget a comment. I didn’t speak for a minute or two. I just sat there. I felt lightly nauseous. I was breathing shallow. Then my good mind kicked in and told me to breathe. I enhaled (big) through my nose and exhaled through the lips. That’s when I heard my daughter saying, “Mom?” I looked at her and said, “Yes, it’s the singer. It’s not a mix up. She’s gone.” I didn’t cry. I was nauseous. Truth was in the room and the lights were on. How sobering. For so long “sober” eluded the topic.

I’m melancholy with sober right now.

My heart goes out to Bobby Brown. Bobby was in Mississippi about to perform with NEW EDITION when the news broke. He missed the first number they did, because he was obviously yielding grief. However, he was able to join the ensemble on the second number, paid honor to Whitney, then sang TENDERONI (solo) in her memory. Read more about Bobby’s reaction here.

My maternal heart goes out to Bobbi Kristina. I can’t imagine her pain. I wish the SISTER COMMUNITY, (Super Star sisters that loved and closely befriended Whit, like Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson, and Oprah – even) would look after her. Kind of like God Mothers. You know? Say Bobbi K want’s to go into the music business, she may not be a singer, but maybe Mariah Carey or Jennifer H. could use an intern. Or maybe Bobbi K wants to go into television production, maybe Oprah could facilitate an internship at “OWN” or something. It’s a good idea – right? I just don’t want us as a people to pass Bobby K off as “grown”, knowing good and well, her life is highly comparable to that of a child star. Bobby K will surely suffer from her mothers passing in lows — that many of us will never know.

You can say what you want about Bobby Brown and Whit’s relationship. I do believe he loved her. I do not blame him for her demise in any sense. Whitney was a grown woman. I’m a grown woman. My choices are my own. My being the operative word. Whitney loved Bobby – through right, wrong and indifference. And the details therein — are none of my business. I wish every life to be happy. Life is too short to live it any other way. It’s your life. Spend it the way you want to. Blame no one for the way your life was spent. It’s yours. Other folks have theirs to live. Be happy. Love. Live. Whitney did.

The power grid tripped and the lights went out.
But it was only for a moment and no reason to pout.

Whitney was my Leo sister and I too followed her moves.
Whitney was grown and her decisions were her own – she had her own groove.

She loved Bobby hard and made Bobbi Kristina out of love.
Her very existence was a blessing in itself – her voice: a strong vocal hug.

A force to be reckoned with. Linger not on her death.
Whitney loved life, and left us with her absolute best.

Beyond the recordings that will make us remember the lady,
Let us rally around the surviving ex-husband and baby.

Let’s not blame anyone for anyone – In the end – it doesn’t matter.
Let us embrace Kristina with a support’ful demeanor via positive history chatter.

Let’s be a community who can positively handle lifes low grips,
I’m Qui
Surely missing Whitney – the reason the power grid tripped.