The Big W

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Surely you already know what I’m about to say…
W is for WHERE as in “where are you going today?”

That’s right, The Big W has us all atop of this hill  
with our lives, our health, and our strength; able to move at will.

It’s a pretty good deal if you ask me.
Only you think you are getting over, but you’re being WATCHED by G-o-d.

Oh, my goodness! Where did that come from?
Here atop of this hill, there’s nowhere to run

but down.
If you’re dealing in mischievousness, ’tis where you are bound.

W is for WHAT as in “what are your intentions today?”
I hope that they are good because boomerangs feel like wood
WHEN they return the convey.

Boomerangs surf the wind when they glide.
Make sure you exude the right intentions in your stride.

If for no other reason beyond the one that I stated before,
You are not in a vacuum; God is keeping score.

Well. I suppose this piece is shaping up to be a real big clue —
that says “W” stands for Wednesday as well as a Warning to me and you

to be on our best behavior today because it really counts.
Look for opportunity to do good immediately.
Thank God when you see it and then pounce.

Today is dedicated to THE BIG W.
The WIN herein is for me & you.

Refreshed RISING

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Photo by Petr Sevcovic on Unsplash

And so the morning is already started and the sun has been up,
I, The Composer is just rolling over for jo in an oversized mug.

The weekend was good; she had many views.
I am festive about film screenings, so I submersed in the hues.

Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday — my head bore a halo ring,
as I sat in the rear dressed in Film Festival merch gear and peering at many screens.

Today I’d like to highlight two films produced by African American Filmmakers.
“SPIN” & “REAR” are audience breath takers.

They are short films whose topics are sensitive in sphere.
Let’s first talk about the adolescent in “REAR.

The topic is corporal punishment in school and it is rough.
The film focuses on Alabama and paddling adolescent butts.

It took on the heavy lifting of school paddling to the point of a bruise.
Though if a parent does the paddling it could be deemed “child abuse,” [?]

Nothing was done about it. No resolutions were formed by the film’s end.
We were left to realize the pain in the protagonist’s eyes, lost in a system of crevices and bends.

The film was well composed, it was short, and it made you think.
Me? I squirmed in my chair because corporal punishment stinks!


The second film was quite intimate and really “got it in.”
It was about two consenting adults and the coveted “rear end.”

The name of this film was “SPIN,” and it did present a whirl
when we met the sexy white guy with his cocoa-brown girl.

She was beautiful with a small waist and a perfectly plump backside.
Her bf had explorative ideas and wanted to ‘ride.

The cocoa Bella said “no,” but her ivory-tusked bf insisted ‘they should.
The pain on her face as he imposed in her space — screamed, “no good.”

I couldn’t help but think that the title of the SPIN short undoubtedly arrived,
because the boyfriend didn’t see anything wrong with him going inside.

In the back of the theater, my eyes grew wide.
Comprehended enlightenment deserves no cry.

These films are created by African Americans who “fear not” sharing their view.
I appreciated what they brought to the table concerning me & you.

Yesterday was long, and I spent most of it in the theater.
I knew you’d come thru and read like you do because you’re a film festival reeler.

It’s that time of the year again. Friends & colleagues are sharing 5-star productions.
And the film festival goers are expert composition knowers who love screening without interruptions.

I love the multi-film block experience. I can literally screen all day.
But that’s why I’m only now rising from bed with my post-weekend say.

What about you? What did you do and what are you getting into today?
After this cup of jo, I’ll be good to go. Next up: Meditate & Pray.

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

Hello Friday

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Good morning to you, the week has been long.
Operating within our “A-Game” means we finish strong.

I’ve been over at the Laugh Factory and various comedy houses looking for material
that I could lace you up with as you eat your cereal.

Anytime is a good time to laugh
and take lactaid before work if you know milk gives you gas.

This second block is a little bit raunchy.
They’re perfect for HAPPY HOUR, a bit Adult-spunky:

This last block will be a gas to share when you return home.
Every Friday should be a get-live day. Let comedy rule the dome:

What do you say?
I’m off to engage.