Good Morning TECH Monday

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Good Morning TECH Monday! What is the recipe for today?
Sure we’ve got a bit a work to do, but there’s always time to play.

The weekend was long, it made me strong; I covered quite a few miles.
Today comes with ease and a warm breeze. Today I’ll focus on “those automated smiles.”

Come sit with me a while. Today, I am in a zone, indeed.
I’ve got family and love —  as well as favor from the Man above
it feels good to be Qui.

Ooo wee, and then there’s “thee.” I did miss you so.
Tell me whatcha been up to, the destinations of your to and fro.

How’s life treating you today and what have you got planned for tomorrow?
I’m brimming with sunshine, and drunk off life, like it’s wine –
If you need electrifying energy, I’ve got quite a bit that you can borrow.

Hey-ey! Good Morning TECH Monday. I welcome your motions, dear baby.
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Dailies Wow Me

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Photo by Luke Southern on Unsplash

Tomorrow will yield me the most awesome of Dailies.
I shall not dilly nor dally — I am a focused lady. 

Good morning baby. How are you doing?
I was late to compose, for good health pursuing. 

Meditating is what I have been into
— then I thought of you
and composed Griot anew

I’m always into “being into you.”
It’s Friday y’all! What are we going to do? 

Let’s get jitted-up early to enjoy the day.
If I may suggest, let’s go roller skate.

If not today, perhaps on Saturday.
I went online and bought me some skates. 

I am sure to use them in eactly this way: 

Yep! Skating is everything to me.
I’m trying to get back to it – get-up and skate with me. 

Speaking of skating, today should be a breeze.
I’ve got mad capacity in the DP rink.

I shall swim and not sink – but you already knew that, right?
I love to keep it real so I compose reel writes. 

Todays shoot is from a COMEDY script with so much real-life incite.
I’d like to take full creative credit, but I just looked-at-life and took-a-bite.

Sometimes it looks and feels like I’m dilly and dallying,
when I’m really about ‘reel & dailies‘ tallying. 

You know? It’s okay if you don’t. I absolutely do love to say, 
I’m Qui
Enjoying the fact of a skating act; “Life is a game that must be played…”

and I want to play with you. For reel.
Meet me on the rink and let’s take the day by the wheel.


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Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

I am going to attempt to render this piece with no profanity
but there’ll be no promises to omit intentional vulgarity.

I’m so intimate with thee, and ‘ain’t nobody mad about it.
God is good and I like wood. “Timber!!!” I like to shout it.

Where are the kids? Don’t read this out loud,
or you’ll face stern inquisition from the adolescent crowd.

You’ve got other matters to tend to and workout
like your partner, time to reconnect, and pow-wow.

Ow! I am here for it.
Time to pin-ball top score-it.

You got this. You got me and I’ve got you.
Today exist for SEXY. Whatever will we do.

Cartwheel six tee nine? I had to change-up the spell.
To say the year of WOODSTOCK…might incur a “tag word” hell.

I’m kidding, I just don’t want to be too obvious
about wanting what I’m doing – you know, the grown stuff.

That’s enough. That’s enough. I’m just here to incite
I’m Qui
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