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Life. I woke up this morning in good spirits and quite chippy
though, my heart is missing a friend; Tarisma’s mom, Nikki.

She crossed over mid-day in good health this week,
as my childhood gf and I were mid-text speak…

Suddenly out of nowhere my chippy girlfriend said,
Qui, I’ve got to go, my mom is now dead.”

I sat still in my seat and the wind did not blow,
I stared at the text, waiting for some admittance of “a joke.”

But it didn’t come.
Ms. Nikki had transcended her energy sum and my girlfriend was numb.
Happy words? At the moment, I had none.

Life. When she is vibrant, we call her a sweetheart,
so I’m also sending out love to the fam of Midwin Charles.

She was a sweetheart on Earth, so she shall be in Heaven.
Attorney Midwin crossed this week at only 47.

She was a Haitain-American and a Defense Counsel whiz.
She was body-stacked, her skin never cracked, and I don’t believe she had kids.

It seemed like she “hopped a ride out of here” with Ms. Nikki.
Both crossed like a boss, in good health and not sickly.
A journey lived so richly…

Life. She is special and herein we are to connect
with feather-like folk – so I dug DMX.

I found his raspy voice to be nifty.
It conveyed wisdom in rhyme – he has checked out at 50.

Life circumstances started out hard for him and only got harder,
he maneuvered this place with a serious face, an alchemist performer.

Always hype at shows and during his PR work
when in reality life was painful and he was often hurt.

I’m going to miss his barking and lyrical indentions.
Hip Hop will miss DMX aka Mr. Eric Simmons.

Life. I GOT IT and I’m so glad that you do, too.
Go forth on this weekend and win-win-win. Do what you need to do.

Life is not a promise, so in all that you do please remain true,
I’m Qui
appreciating you for coming through and comprehending this Griot groove.

May peace, blessings and love be upon you.

WORLD NEWS: Today the Royal Fam is short one soul –
Prince Philip has crossed over at 99-years old.

In love nor in life will the details be all-rosy or all-fair,
so please be mindful of those grieving and send up a boomerang prayer.

Later on, when you need it, it will be there.


Good Morning Goodness

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footsies in public.gif

Good morning Goodness, how did you sleep?
Was it sound or in the round; was it refreshing and complete?

I sure hope so – I hit REM and stayed there a while.
I went to bed before 11. Ooo child. I laid stoic; I slept wild.

Did you dream, dear love? I did but I don’t remember the details.
I do recall that I was younger than 15, sheltered and wearing pigtails.

dancing unicornIt was sweet enough.
I awoke a woman in search of human touch.

I found it.
Good ol’ human touch keeps me grounded.

When was the last time that you touched somebody?

Good Morning Goodness. Are you ready for the hump?
Smooth is the pavement but rarely is it without a bump.

Put your seatbelt on and cruise this out.
Utilize wisdom today to figure -ish out.

Are you adding things up? I am, and I don’t need a 10-key to do it.
I’m Qui
Good Morning Goodness. Skip the early clock-in and let’s screw it.


Museful Monday

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muse.gifMmm. Good morning baby, (as I roll in the bed towards you).
Do tell me what you want to do.

Shall we arise, make productive hay, and raise the tent
of intellect on the day? Equate it to wisdom spent?

Of course, we should.
Let intellect be the wood

that receivers want to surf.
Let an understanding be our fundamental turf.

How’s your headspace? How’s your body today?
Ditch the seriousness for gamification and play.

What type of productive term relation is Gamification?

The term incorporates the use of game mechanics and experience design
to digitally engage and motivate people to achieve their goals.”
Gamification is the way to get it, yo!

The day is new and poised to be a fun day.
Let’s rise to the occasion of another fantastic Monday.

You muse me, I want you and together “we”
should dedicate this space to positivity.

Monday is the space that we will make positive space out of,
I’m Qui
Good morning dear Muse, please accept my Day 1. Love.

Let’s consummate our intentions with a breast-to-breast hug: