Digging in the trash can

In News, Qui Audio Byte on January 3, 2012 at 9:58 pm

Oh no – Oh no! Please say it ain’t so
I saw my neighbors trash digging in another neighbors throw.

It was a husband and wife couple with the lighted hat atop of his forehead –
I was mid conversation as I cut the corner – then couldn’t remember thit that I had said. lol!

They were mid deep in the trash can. I parked my car in surprise and eyes wide —
That’s when the snooping wife saw us past the light and in a faint voice said, “hi”.

Hi? Oh my goodness – what in the world were they diving for? Whose the caper?
Then the two of them closed the dumpster top and crossed the street reading some papers.

Oh no – Oh no! What is that all about?
All I could do was turn my back on them – in shock & whisper shout:

What the….? I’m baffled tonight – because I truly don’t understand.
I’m Qui
A stunned she – having caught my neighbors in another neighbors trash can.

Click the player to hear the story

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