In News on April 11, 2023 at 4:20 am

JUSTIN JONES has been re-instated into the TN legislation
after factual news spread across the nation

that TN may be operating within a bubble…
and their lack of wisdom has shown up on the double.

Last Thursday, satellite media did invest
in broadcasting two expelled legislators from the TN Congress.

Justin Jones and Justin Pearson stood with Gloria Johnson and the TN people,
to protest the need for gun law reformation under the Capital steeple.

Representative Johnson’s melanin lacks
visual evidence of being Black

so her job was spared.
The two Justins were expelled, and it felt blatantly unfair.

Monday morning rolled around
and the TN people had searched and found

legal statutes that pointed at
“the Justins were improperly expelled,” then JONES came back!

Get back! Whatchu’ say?
Wisdom was found quickly in the Tennessee bay.

And today is a high day for the people of T-N
and is a great way to bring a new week in.

Bring in Willie Wonka and John Belushi’s Growth
because this CHOCOLATE NEWS is a volume that I couldn’t refuse
and the Tennessee elevation is good to go!

NEXT UP Justin Pearson. Will he, too, get a quick re-instate?
Please stand by, I’m sure his legal team is mid-try,
so in the interim, go ahead and pray.

Today is shaping up to yield us a much sweeter feel.
I had to put TN on blast because the need for our collective reformation is real.

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