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The SOTU in a Hiaku

In Communication, News on February 12, 2013 at 9:06 pm

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Giving homage to the first STATE OF THE UNION Address of the year, I recapitulate in haiku. Enjoy. 🙂

The POTUS took the podium:

The captain lined up the ship mates of both corridors and divvied them their share.

Guiding the ship was smooth but the seas were not.

The ball of the musket was loaded but not fired. The NRA had an eye brow up.

Nobody moved – nobody got hurt. The captain exited softly with his stick.

The REPUBLICAN RESPONSE was given by Marco Rubio:

The prepackaged meal was laid on a white plate and the content was short.

Cotton around the pie-hole early – proved the server lacked passion.

Marco Rubio killed me getting thirsty near his short speech end.
I’m Qui
and I couldn’t resist to say,”Stay Thirsty My Friend.” LOL! 🙂


In Griot, News on February 12, 2013 at 3:18 pm

Christopher DornerThere’s a black dude in Cali who’s singing deaths song,
a former LAPD officer who says he’s been done wrong.

His name is Christopher Dorner and he wrote a revenge manifesto
then started a killing spree with the offspring of his working co.

Yes, he’s already killed three people and have wounded five.
The LAPD lives in fear as long as he’s roaming alive.

Because the last of the three that Dorner has killed was a LAPD cop.
The first two were family of another officer who’s listed to get got.

Right now –BREAKING NEWS is HOT –  a couple of rangers have found him
and that they are currently shooting-it-out up in Big Bear Mountains.

That is what’s going on right now @ 3:12pm via headline news.
I’m Qui
On the edge of my seat glued in to a satellite view.


The two rangers that Dorners engaging in gun battling with
both have been wounded. His charges grow thick…

The media is citing ‘this maybe the beginning of the end.’
It’s being broadcast live. We’re all tuned in…

**UPDATE [before the SOTU Speech]**

Dorner was held up in a cabin in the snowy woods,
a place out of his comfy hood,
after gun fire exchanges,  he barricaded himself
and for hours to come his face remained stealth.

Post 3.5 hours of hold -up, a blazing fire consumes the cabin plot
shortly before that, responding officers heard a single gun shot.

The cabin now burns in majestic sized flames.
All law enforcers can think about is bagging his remains.

In the meantime, this seems like the end.
Dorner exited life, as the STATE OF THE UNION began.



8pm —

A body has been recovered and is on its way to the autopsy table.
Law enforcers will be happy to proclaim it’s Dorner – as soon as they are able. 🙂


10pm —

NEW REPORTS state: there is no body in the custody of police.
Tonight LAPD enforcers will sleep with little to no peace…


24-Hours Later —

Authorities are still NOT SURE that the body recovered from the cabin is Christopher Dorner’s. The remains are under autopsy and the story is laying low.

Which makes one think – the remains ARE NOT Dorners.

Also, the officers (and their families) who WERE on the manifesto are still in hiding/custody.

I am.


2/15/13 —

Authorities have confirmed that Christopher Dorner met his demise in the burned out cabin. Details as to how, (by fire, smoke, or the single gun shot they heard prior to the explosion) have yet to be given.