In News on October 22, 2015 at 12:52 pm

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AJust Ride_Aug25 couple of weeks ago I ran into a  girlfriend whose only been happily married since forever and she tells me that her libido is starting to slack off. This from a woman who has demanded it almost daily since our college hay-days, and yes – she was married during our college hay-days. She admits that she has since gained a few pounds and may be slacking off on intimacy due to her new  size but then she also admitted to acting out fits of high sexuality from time to time. Unfortunately for her, her spouse was rarely at home during those highs, so she effectively handles those moments in a mono fashion.

Just knowing that she still has mono-fixing moments is already a good sign. That means her libido isn’t dead, though it may be idle, at rest, falling asleep, or something like that. I’m no…

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