What I KNOW about SHEETS

In Communication, Griot on January 7, 2017 at 5:03 am

output_upttm1Sheets come in the form of rain, hail, sleet and snow – on any day .
It’s sewn into percals by the hundreds for which we decently lay.

It’s formed from wood and called paper – onto which we write.
Making it rain means dropping dollars – a professional strippers excite…
and a ballers delight.

Sheets are everywhere all of the time and just in case you didn’t know,
If you cut two holes in the center of one and put it on you’re head – you’ll be ghost.

Sheets can be damn useful as well as being quite giving,
You can tie a few together to escape fire in a 3-story building.

I’m not a sheet expert but I claim to know a little
If you’ve got a down comforter and set of matresses the sheets go in the middle.

Dee dum-dee diddle, I’m just pulling your chain while I lay in these sheets.
It’s Saturday morning baby, we survived the grind of the week and I’m up early,
can I get you something to eat?

I do love sheets so allow me to rain down on the thee:
The good that you’re comprised of is the God in you that I see.

Good morning sweetheart I’m digging you by degrees,
I’m Qui
About bacon, eggs & flapjacks – pouring syrup by the sheets.

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