In Communication, Networking, News on May 17, 2020 at 5:35 pm

Who me?

Hello beloved reader. What have you been up to?
You know I’m a social media seeder and I’ve been building, too.

Building what? A new spot, a new crib, a new web site portal
that will allow like minded friends to create a new order.

One that focuses on multi media content as it pertains
to writing, music, and film. If that’s you – what’s your name?

I rather fancy familiarizing myself with the works of others.
I like to dote on creative achievers; I’m a creative mother.

So, back to The COUNT DOWN… What is this counting all about?
A new key house is coming and you must roll-thru — no doubt.

The address to my new house:


New home construction…



Drop in for some pre MOVE-IN fun
or just to get a grasp on our new Qui sum.

Either way I am serving you notice that it is coming.
After the 1st day of Summer marketing will start gunning.

I look forward to opening up a new house of fun.
It is built with insightful industry reads and 411.

Come up on some “new-News” or be moved to share some.
Forums encompass information filled with pro’s and con’s.

Do you have a house party coming up – with entrance via an online door?
The Qui-Me forum is a free broadcast platform and/or sounding alarm that’s easy to score.

The mega-phone is yours, but please do remember,
the mega-phone is reserved for forum contributing members.

Let  Qui-Me be your choice.
NETWORK with Us. We love your voice.


Grand Debut: July 01, 2020

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