In Communication, Griot, News on June 22, 2022 at 3:15 am
Photo by Mark Wieder on Unsplash

Yesterday felt great. Wouldn’t you say?
I often feel that way on a lively Tuesday.

So, I won’t start this day out with a lecture,
for today offers much more, today yields us texture.

At least more than the day and the week before.
The 1/6 Hearings are an historical score.

And I have been watching. Have you?
So much happened over the last 5-years and I had not a clue.

It’s good to be tuned in to the 1/6 query.
I promise to goodness it’s more gripping than any Netflix series.

Please hear me, this is history chronicled and broadcast.
It’s amazing that we all survived. I am grateful and glad.

And if you ever thought that one of your texts or phone calls were private,
this hearing created a grommet in that theory or at least a big eyelet.

Nothing is ever between you and “who” alone.
I ain’t even mad that the government dips-in on everybody’s phone.

Could you imagine if we did not?
We’d all be in a hand basket in route to a place that’s hot.

Thank God for digital technologies & all of the testimonies
that prove “fake news” is just a term used by many a’ phony.

And the hearings reveal a lot of the news that we heard in past years was true…
like, Democracy is on fire! Code Blue! Code Blue!

Now that I think about it, the warnings were stark
and included red flashing lights in the thick of the dark.

But somehow we bypassed them, because we “must be smart.”
We let the dismantling of our government pass in the wind like a fart.

It stunk then and we are still fanning the fumes.
And here we are, on the hump of 1/6 Hearings truth.

Sip it like juice, the next broadcast is 3pm/Eastern on June 23,
I’m Qui
and it looks like we can handle the truth, so the 1/6 Hearings are WORD.

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