They’re not online – They’re on an app! [me too]

In Communication, Griot, Networking, News on June 15, 2015 at 8:40 am

teens-textingMannnn they [your kids] left the book of faces generations ago.
The book is now filled with grade school children and more mature souls.

Most lack wisdom and few yield it like gold.
Many are stuck in the book because they’ve nowhere else to go.

Oh no! Is that you?
Taking one more picture – sharing one more hairdo?

Aw shucks. Look at that. You’ve got grandkids too…
This is what my timeline looks like most times I roll through. 🙂

I ain’t mad tho – in fact I’m glad. People need
a place to gather that’s not serving liquor or feed.

We eat too much on a whole, and if you drink you still have to get home.
So I’m glad the book of faces is a place for the global homebody to roam.

I really am.

However, and so very clever, the kids are not there “with you” but still in the home.
They have abandoned their glaze into the computers face, for a cooler app on their phone.

Home sweet home; they are physically not out in the streets.
Halelujah! Thank you Jesus – but they’re also not here with me.


Technology. It’s a give and a take. It’s a win across the board
but what exactly is that app about that doth so “constantly time hoard?”

It may be Tumbler and/or Pinterest — these apps yield a photo stimulation jam
but if they’re the interactive type, they’re likely rocking Instagram.

Don’t forget about Snap Chat. It’s turns quicker than the neck.
The vid is there one minute and the next — data forgets.

Vine? I love vine. I’m on it all the time.
There’s always a fool who makes it look cool.
Yes I do dig that app called Vine.

I’m on the book of faces less and less with each passing day,
tho when it’s time to “crowd chime”, it’s a nice place to convey.

Everything has it’s place and your children have found theirs!
I’m Qui
And don’t worry about me, I’m with the kids — a technology nerd. #Word.

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