NEWS PERUSE – with a wide fuse

In Communication, Griot, Networking, News on December 2, 2016 at 5:47 am

That 11-1 Record… How ’bout dem COWBOYS!

Last night the COWBOYS played and wouldn’t you know
they went out on the field and put on another WIN show.

I’m a die hard COWBOYS Fan. No band-wagon-jumper here!
I’ve lived thru it all, the build, the fall, the boo’s and the cheers.

In stadium I’ve drank a few beers and elbowed my fellow fan members.
In fact, that’s exactly what I did the month before November.

Good memories are made at good ball games and so I do lean
on that blue and silver posse that we call AMERICAS TEAM!! 😀

So who was on my #ResearchRadar this week?
Daymond John, Evan Rachel Wood and Byron Allenof a few to speak.


I #Support Evan Rachel Wood.  #LadiesInFormation

What about you? What or Who did pique your curiosity?
Heck I’m a #Sapeosexual y’all, research is my backbone history.

I like to get it and serve it up, should an opening become available to do so.
I keep my mind moistened with knowledge – I ride search engines; my ‘to and fro.’

What about you, yo? How’s it going so far?
I reckon you’ve heard that Kanye is now a “troubled star.”

What the what-what? Doesn’t the entertainment world need him?
I just read that Kim K is at his bedside and that she “feeds him.”

The days can be grim when you are without your maternal love.
I pray he will be well, that his spirit receives a divine )))hug.(((

I wonder if sometimes we do
call up bad crap — our own boo-boo?

I’m not saying that Kanye has in any way conjured up his own unfortunate health,
more than I am saying “instability” runs rampart in our beloved icons of wealth.

Wealth isn’t a “boo-boo,” but thinking that you’re the shit — kind of is.
It takes the air out of successes fair and has drained many stars of their jiz.


Stay #Humble kinfolk. No kool aid sipping…

I’m hoping that Kanye’s poor health issues are an ill publicity stunt
to cover up the noise about Bey and his boy — that concerted rant/funk.

I mean, ‘he ain’t no punk. I’m sure he means what he says
but PR depends on him for their ends,  thus “mental illness” is in play.

And I understand – I really do. He’s a musical genius in his right.
I pray that he regains his strength, gets back into studio and write.

I’d like to know the backstory of this, his particular page
though it would be nice to think Kanye just wanted to invoke of me a “Say.”

Remember what he said in his song :

I’d be worry if they said nothing.”
(Click the link to hear the track)

musical divider

So there. I’m saying something.
He’s too valuable to me to say ‘nothing.’

Yes, much stuff has crossed my mind this week
but I didn’t watch the news – not even a peak.

I did however, put up my Christmas tree.
I felt like a kid when I did – happiness is key.

I didn’t put my tree up in November because I was still bursting with thanks
but now that December is in the house, ye ol’ Christmas spirit has pulled rank.

How art thee today? What have you got up?
I think I’ll go out and make a new friend, encourage someone and share a hug.
Is that too much?

You’re not the touchy-feel’y type?
Well that’s okay today is just one day – go on and join my )))HUGGING((( hype.

Hugging your neighbor is alright — though you should probably ask first.
I’d hate for you to loose a tooth and/or a black eye or worst.

Today is Friday baby, go out, be you and have fun,
I’m Qui
Glad to see December with thee, I’m feeling mad love for everyone.

Light up this NEWS PERUSE
it’s got a wide fuse
File the small change and keep what you can use.

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