Do you know Theresa Caputo

In Communication, Griot, Networking, Self Improvement, TV Shows on May 5, 2014 at 12:28 am

I love her! Big Hair and sixth senses – she’s got it down!
When it comes to being a “Medium Socialite” – she wears the crown.

Theresa-Caputo-LongIsland MedWho doesn’t miss family that has moved on from the physical world?
Theresa Caputo is a very special girl.

For me, watching her show is like going to class,
— me thinking, “I’m not crazy? Thank God and alas!”

Energy is real dear children. I feel it all of the time,
and every so often, I sense memories that are not mine.

It usually happens when I’m in the company of others
that I pick up on their late and still beloved mothers.

I’m not limited to female spirits, boisterous males have come through
talking to me, as if our conversation was in-process and imminently due.

Telling me things that I felt were (pretty much) a familiar miss,
shortly thereafter I find out the messages belongs to my big sis.

Her childhood friend died 4-days prior to showing up in my bedroom.
He was alive, boisterous and full of vigor; no dead-man doom.

I simply relayed the message and I haven’t seen him since,
but others have surely dropped by. I’m in tuned with my sixth sense.

Do you know Theresa Caputo? She’s a teacher regarding spiritual intuition.
She’s pretty phenom and has it going on – to the point that I had to mention.

We’re rarely ever alone, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again,
When you’re loved ones pass on, they are free to travel with the wind.

So it does not matter, you’re not crazy when they cross your mind.
Go on and strike up conversation and you’ll sense their response in kind.

You’ll hear them with your heart via conversations from the past,
I’m Qui
Reminding you that flowers die, but energy seems to last.

Nope! You’re not crazy. But then that — you already know.
Get closer to your sixth senses, tune in to Theresa Caputo.

She’s the LONG ISLAND MEDIUM – a socialite many would love to meet.
You don’t have to travel or get in line to see her, tune into TLC.


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