Sore GUMS yield No Yum

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Not this gum... MY GUMS!

Not the GUM I’m talking about tho…

It’s been since May that I’ve been dealing with the issue of sore gums. I’ve been dating my dentist, steadily this year, as I had several cavities that survived the recession with me — so I definitely wanted to take care of those.

While dating the DDS, she informs me that I need 2 gold crowns on the lower/rear right and left molars. They were shot. So she filled quite a few cavities in one day and scheduled out the two crowns. I had one installed in May and one in June and my gums have been unbelievably sensitive every since. At one point they were so sore, that I was barely chewing my food before swallowing and developed the worst case of indigestion pain. It felt a lot like IBS because the food was not broken down properly for stomach process. I took Probiotic Digestive Enzymes for a few days and they broke down the food and assisted in painless passage. However, the sore gums persisted and eating food became more and more of a luxury. I imagine my attitude suffered quite a bit as well, I remember snapping at my kid and hubby when they complimented me on the dinner that I had prepared that I could not eat. After I apologized for my rudeness I made a smoothie and went to bed.

Well, we are now in the month of September and my gums are sorely beyond approach — with any type of food. Even bread is too coarse of a chew. You’d think I’d be on my way to changing my name to “Skinny,” given that I’m not eating as well as I normally would, but the truth is, I’m still as amp as I was before all of this happened, so no dice on changing my nick name. 🙂

So last night the pain kicked up strong while I was eating a bean and cheese burrito.  I could only eat half of it before hitting GOOGLE to see WT?. Am I allergic to burritos? On the contrary.

Long story short, at 10:22pm last night, I researched food allergies, and found nothing. Then I researched medication allergies, because I’m an asthmatic and take a rescue inhaler whenever necessary, not to mention the occasional ibuprofen and over the counter [OTC] sinus medication.  I have had asthma and poor sinus’ forever and have been taking the aforementioned meds at least for 2 decades on-and-off. So what has changed? What is new? I totally forgot about the new medicine my old doctor put me on in January of this year. I left her practice this Spring and found a new doc that doesn’t quite believe in over medicating when there’s a natural fix to prevent an issue [blood pressure and cholesterol]: diet and fitness. The new medications written to me were Amlodipine Besylate and Atorvastatin.

I don’t have a long history of high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels, but because of my Grandmothers history with the following conditions coupled by diabetes, I am a perfect candidate to follow suit (per DNA).  After 2-years of on-and-off, slightly elevated blood pressure and high triglycerides I decided to “give in” and take the pills my former doc advised me to take.   It takes a while to fully get into your system. They have been in my system for 9 months now and I have been having problems with my gums for the last 4 months, but chronically for the last 21-days.  Sore gums are a side effect of the prescribed drugs.

Thank God for the drive of research to know thyself. I was relentless in finding out what was going on with my body. I kept going back to my DDS office and she was over-the-top with kindness (at absolutely NO CHARGE) for the last 2 visits, because she’s genuinely concerned about my comfort level. Dr. Hilarry Douglas is the best!   Still, what I have not done is told my new physician/doctor about the sore gums, because I was so sure it was a dental issue.  That doesn’t seem to be the case a all in light of the new drug interaction information I’ve dug up.


Just when I thought the my teeth were failing
I researched my meds and then gripped the railing.

For at least 2 long months, I have been doing my thang,
out in public, trying to tough-it, while my gums were inflamed.

I knew not the cause and considered it a food allergy,
but it was nothing of the sort – it’s my medicine history.

I’m not sure what will become of the meds, my Doc doesn’t like them anyway,
I’m Qui
Working out and eating smarter. Ain’t no room for “medicate.”

Time to get on the GAZELLE burn some calories and play.
To you, sweetheart, Have a winning and knowledgable day.

Me? With new wrinkles in my brain, I’m well on my way.
Knowledge of self – Live your best life today!

PS… This is pertinent information to combat the sore gum route,
I started oil pulling, with coconut oil in my mouth.

It truly works wonders, if you’re mouth is tenderly sore.
It eradicated most bacteria and I wasn’t in as much pain anymore.

Following my morning and evening oil pull, I’d rinse with warm water and salt.
Good old sodium cleaned it up and commanded the tenderness to halt.

I also used ground cloves as instant anesthesia
It worked better than any RX. I call it an instant pleaser.

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