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the-haunting-ofAs sure as I love writing and yielding a viewing compliance
I have always had a thing for Gary – from WIERD SCIENCE.

Yes, I watch a lot of movies and I write a lot of shows
and being a progressive nerd has been my joyful whoa.

Oh, it’s no burden at all, to sit and evaluate good skill,
like the kind that Kim Russo divvy’s out at spiritual will.

There’s indeed a science to this thing if you have the supernatural gall –
Or you could just act weird and walk out like Anthony Michael Hall.

But his session didn’t end there – no, not at all; his exit was only a stall
Kim had asked him a question that Mike felt was a “fall.”

The issue with Michael was a paranormal experience from a while ago
when he was a young actor – say 14-years old or so.

He was visited by a spirit, apparition, puff of smoke…
Kim was picking up on a spirit that died in relation to blow.

Blow. You know, aka that stuff called cocaine?
But A. M. Hall wasn’t trying to fit in that frame.

As Kim approached the reason why the dead showed himself to Mike
It started to sound like it was something the famed actor wouldn’t like.

Then Kim explained to him that the male spirit (who manifested) died over money in blood
and seemed to have been trying to warn the young actor to ‘stay away from drugs…’

Then Kim asked Mike if he had dabbled in drugs back then
and that’s when the unravelling of Mr. Halls coolness began.

Mr. Hall is my man, I’ve been digging him every since WIERD SCIENCE – as Gary.
Seeing him on the psychic detective show was quite enlightening and scary.

Scary because out of all of the shows that I’ve watched Kim host
Anthony Michael Hall seems to have been offended the most.

Offended at spirit for being a tattle tell
Mr. Hall, in response, almost blew the episode to hell.

Thank God he didn’t, but he didn’t admit “the connection” to spirit either.
Everything Kim said was true – and we could tell by Mr. Halls demeanor:

The dead guy showing up obviously crossed over somewhere near the abode
where Anthony Michael Hall was accommodated during shoot at 14-years old.

He was there as an actor in a movie
but drugs were on the scene looking for a new groupie.

The spirit that showed up felt he had to make the call,
to ward off a drug doomed relationship between coke and Hall.

I don’t know if it worked, I don’t know if Mr. Hall has substance struggled,
but his reaction to spirit made the chance of innocence look befuddled.

It was rough and I don’t reckon Mr. Hall will be calling on spirit again,
I’m Qui
Respectful of yesterdays spirit and the insight that tightens our hinge.

Remember Anthony Michael Hall used to be the DEAD ZONE, and “spirit” was his friend…


  1. He looks like a psycho with those caved hollow see thru eyes there’s no soul there.. freak no wonder he’s a d lister he will end up worst than the spirit that tried to warn him what a compete dick.

  2. He dabbled in drugs. They all did at that age and time.
    He didnt want to admit it on television. To not try to ruin his reputation or bring up an unreported crime perhaps. Thats all thats about. Which he is a pretty faded actor now a days. Its a shame she picked up on his dark past and he got an nasty attitude with her which is so unprofessional. He just didnt want to admit the truth. Smdh he needs to retire. His shows after the 80s were never that good anyways. Molly Ringwalds, Jon Cusack and all other 80s actors were better. Sad truth…

  3. It was so obvious that Kim surprised him and struck a nerve. He was caught off guard and didn’t want to admit the truth. Instead of saying no I didn’t dabble in drugs, it was “that’s not fair” and “what does that have to do with anything”. He should have told the truth and released those demons.

  4. AMH is a true AHS ! What a looser ! Kim is great at what she does with her gift, and she does this with a caring and open heart. For some has-been to disrespect her due to his own secrets and insecurity is pathetic. Never watched anything of his that left an impression, certainly will never watch anything I know he may be in. BTW he looks really old and worn out.

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