Who’s the naughtiest

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3 years, 9 months ago Journal 930 reported on a study,

Is it the Dem or the Repub? 
Seems the elephant gets a lot of love.

In the article on Journal 930 they concluded
Repubs have the best sex — the “ass” has eluded.

How did they prove this? Likely by a polling of peeps.
I did my own study and I don’t mind if I speak.

republican-loverSo from what I DO know, (and let none of this is visceral),
but I’m most turned on by opposites & I am a liberal.

Yep, good ol’ “live and let live” but it’s something about that intellectual fire
that is invoked in me when I meet a conservative on those “talking points” of hire.

You know… those pesky “points” that connects their joints from their  party’s base?
If you can’t see clear of the rhetorical fear – be eaten or get out of my face.

Bold elephants stand firm and remain in their place.
An internal fire goes off – I’m ready to win the race.

A race on INTELLECTUAL grounds.
The elephant and I can go round for rounds.

I’m not into the political social tape,
so I bring topics home — what’s going on in YOUR personal space?

The conversations we have, the debates, what have you,
makes for excellent romping grounds —  bound thoughts of subdue.

It’s true. Nothing works on me more than a challenge…
But then those Democratic minds yield an attractive balance.

The way that they care and their compassionate hearts –
yields a moistening position at the foundational start.

Caring about the whole and not just about their political par-ty
invokes a girl to produce enough moisture to lay argument on pee.
Ooo weee. 😀

democrat-loverHuman compassion agendas and pushing to change for the better
turns me on including acknowledging issues about our weather.

Some argue that Military Men Make THE BEST LOVERS

Democrats give it and are working hard to control the climate.
Republicans beg to differ, continue to resist it and thrive on acting up.

That is not sexy, but it is some sort of intriguing fight.
I hope James Carlin rules all over Mary every night. 😉

They’ve been married for 22-years and so opposites DO attract.
I wonder if “the stance and fight” had anything to do with that?

Still why is it that folk would think Republicans have the best sex?
I suppose it’s important for a square to have a way to de-vex.

 The sexy Mila Kunis begs to differ — Dems have the motion, Repubs are stiffer…

They exercise “their all” in monogamy and platonic bedrooms 
then take the “party talking points” right into the board rooms.

WHY? Why? Why with the talking points fight?
Just be the cool you — that you are at night.

Easy going, giving. Loving and willing to do.
What happens to you when you get with your crew?

It’s a “celebration of romps” for the Democrat to undo that every night!
I’m Qui
and I think inside of BOTH there resides a sexy and lust-uous fight.

I guess I’m a Republican fan when you turn off the lights.


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