On the lam

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On the lam, On the lam –
I am, I am.
I could go for boarding a train in the rain
with NO green eggs and ham.

That’s considered #BadFood – ham should not be green.
And if you’re of Black DNA – pork will mess with your #BP scene.
Ya know what I mean?

Anywho, back to me and you – yes child, you need to know,
ol’ Qui is tired of NEWS TV so I stay on the active GO.

I’m still #EatingClean, cutting back on fat and Facebook.
Focusing on me and what’s real is a much better look.

Not following a timeline or having one to follow me
leaves me plenty of time to focus on the 1-2-3’s and A-B-C’s.

Yes, I’ve got a toddler and she is 3.
FREE TIME? I’f it ever shows up – is duly reserved for me.

We’re seriously due a meet; in waiting I am,
I’m looking to change up the beat – Qui is On the lam.

Doesn’t mean I don’t give a damn, however as far as “running news relations”
I’m not going to be able to do the “Ambush Cop Killings” thing – if it’s a FABRICATION.

I’ve never rallied for any deaths on either side of the fence. That’s nonsense chatter
and I really hope the cops aren’t riding on this rhetoric to work against #BlackLivesMatter.

When things get silly – I tune out quick.
I’m Qui 
On the lam and saying “HOT DAMN. It’s already Monday? Schtick!” 😀

Surely this brand new MONDAY
is due to be a WORRY FREE FUN DAY.

divider blk_south

I love you.
One Love.

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