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It’s Friday, Baby

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Once upon a time every Friday was known as payday and the weekend —
and people all over the USA turned out for multiple nights of spend.

They hung out with family, co-workers, and friends. —
It was a nice way to celebrate a productive week’s end. 

Bar owners depended on Friday and Saturday’s jovial mood upon the people —
then on Sunday, the church appreciated the many tithes and offerings under steeple.

It’s Friday, Baby” was a saying broadcasted over the radio airwaves —
and echoed by professionals in corporate hallways.

The saying was considered “normal” and signified without delay —
that Friday’s meant “goodbye grind and hello celebrate.”

Well, here we are again, and I want that old feeling back.
It’s Friday, Baby, what’s in your bankable bag?

Perhaps you are a barterer and it ain’t about coins. —
I’m down with whatever it is that supports your loins.

Be tender and spend a little tender.
Go out for a drink…go out for dinner. 

Vaccinate your act
or go strong on wearing a mask. 

Vaccinated already? That’s a great and mindful story.–
Be mindful of your unvaccinated friends… don’t send them off to glory. 

Whenever they are with you in public or at the pad —
be sure to remember that you, too need to wear a mask

Not only because It’s Friday, Baby
but certainly in the interest of making it an inclusive high day and safely.

And if you see me in passing don’t be shy to say “Hey Qui!” —
I’ll definitely wave back, thus making my day. Oui!

Please know that with every wave I am sending love —
and if we are close associates and you are vaccinated, I’d like a hug

What do you say?
If all goes well and we extend our good health spell,
I’d enjoy a get together to parlay.
What do you say?

I’m excited about enjoying the weekends like we used ta’…
Recent news says we can strengthen our vaccinations with a booster.

The CDC is a rooster.

Me? I’m a listening and proactive lady.
I’m Qui
Pitching an old gateway to celebrate: “It’s Friday Baby!!!”

I say-I say that is all of the #Word that you need —
to go out and have a little fun in deed.

Writing is Qui 

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Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Still enjoying a life of excite,
I’ve taken the pleasure to do a bit o’ script write 

from a treatment birthed earlier this year; a quad-seed of riches.
The spec in specific has to do with all types of britches.

It’s a working title in progress, fa ‘sho,
about good men in my community and their preferences for ‘hoes.

I think “the variété lifestyle” is more of a youthful trend,
and when it lingers on a bit too long it produces “old single men.”

It’s a Comedy thing, not a “defaming uh-oh.”
I observed the highest of bro’s before scripting said show.



What I found was 👉🏽 there are a plethora of men
going at life alone – with a Rolodex of “she friends.”

When paying for novelty favors – obviously, there is no “friendly” lack,
but when it comes to the matters of the bachelors heart, no one has his back.

What’s up with that?

“LEO in The Fall” with no creative stalls.

And, that’s where my head is.
When I’m not writing, I dabble in A. I. assist.

Amid all of life’s excitement, it’s  still you that I miss. 

How’s your vantage view, beloved? Pray tell how you’ve been?
I’m Qui
A Scientific composer whose digging you “the most’er” while scripting a paternalistic spin.

You are now abreast of my productive begins.
Since I parallel you, please continue to win.

Science. God.

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Have you ever been reading and certain phrases and words catch your eye?
Happens to me all of the time – I shan’t lie,

and in those moments my lids grow wide
as I comprehend the minds of other lives.

At the point where deep intellectualism resides
every story has peaks & valleys; today we focus on The High.

The Almighty “Oh My;” the one responsible for your spirit, mind and bod.
Let’s talk about The Most High, I call Him: Pops and God.

What do you call Him? Do you call Him at all?
If you don’t everyday, do call when your probs are tall.

I do.
And like supernatural fixin’s – He always come through.

spinning news paperSo I was reading this piece in the New York Times
that says Christians be talking but God doesn’t make “the chime.”

Folks are not talking about God everyday.
I was a bit surprised; I responded, “Whatchu’ say?

I really didn’t want to believe it.
But my guy has not only been telling me this — he heaves it

every time I mention God in conversation,
he says, “Most folks wouldn’t make that relation.”

I be like, “What?
It feels like taking one to the gut.

I suppose I did assume everyone talks about ‘The Most High.’
Especially at the start of everyday; upon opening their eyes,

but the New York Times has published otherwise – so I had to vent.
In fact, the percentage of folks that talk about God often is 7%.

That alone won’t pay the rent when Christianity is at an all time high.
What does it mean to be a Christian? Is ‘believing in God’ a time that’s still nigh?

I sure hope so.
Though Stephen Hawking and Einstein said “no.”

Both men believed more in Science as the life-creation reason
and that human stories and calendar glory created the Christmas season.

Then there’s my say.

pray_Unsplash_fa-barboza-BvAwr_51cS0-unsplashAgain, I pray and God comes through.
I believe quantum fluctuation belongs to God, too.

If you are not familiar with it,
no probQF makes life in quantum physics.

I believe creation can occur via quantum fluctuation,
and also, that God gave it to us to make such relation.

Is that okay?
No right or wrong needs to be at play

if we can come together and agree on this day
that a higher being, our God has the first and last say.

After all, it won’t be you nor I
that give quantum fluctuation or creates life.

Science is important and I am a woman of such,
but even Science has a beginning; a divine push.

Supernatural forces work for-and-against us everyday.
Please do not live this life ill-prepared for the game you must play.

Life is a game that must be played,”
be properly prepared or by stress be slayed.

Your power is present lest you allow it to be erased
by not believing in God and the schematics of grace.

You are a soldier – please take your place.
God is your power source – let this knowledge not be erased.

It’s okay to lean on Him and live in grace.
I really hoped the lack of God-talk was just a phase.

Unfortunately, I see
that this has become the norm in society.

Though it doesn’t always have to be.
You and I can change that – conversation is key.


Again, I am a woman of Science; my recent Bachelors Degree confirms.
I’m Qui
and I think, ‘the elimination of God talk’ yields hope – a certain burn.

It’s okay to educate ourselves and to  learn —
but not to the point that we ignore our spiritual discern.