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Leaders are Readers & Heeders of History

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There are three traits that a leader embodies at his core:

  1. Courage
  2. Stamina
  3. Communicate and Inspire

Do you have them? I believe that everyone has some level of leadership baked into their being. How developed yours are is an unknown that you would be best to answer. Let’s say your courage levels aren’t as high as you’d like them to be and you want to strengthen the emotion.

In the interest of HISTORY, here’s a favorite quote by Mary Tyler Moore, Pain nourishes courage. You can’t be brave if you’ve only had wonderful things happen to you.”

Embrace un-comfortability. When un-comfortability is upon you (not if but when), you will be correct to feel emotional. Be sure to respond appropriately according to how you feel.

Emotions have their order. When you are personally affected by word or deed several boxes light up on your EMOTION WHEEL:

The core emotions are at the center of the circle—start here. After choosing the most accurate core emotion, you can use your finger to identify the more specific emotions that connect with the outer edges of the circle.

Scripting leaders is one of my favorite things to do in composition because by communicating our emotions, others are better informed on how they should react.

Most of my scripted leaders understand and lean into the emotional wheel in word and deed. I reckon this is how most people operate in real life.

Reckon means to consider or regard in a specified way. In real life, folks “reckon” all of the time. 🙂

Do you? You would be best served to reckon with yourself first. Start with the 6-Point of Emotions wheel. READ each section of the wheel to understand it, then learn it so that you can become a more aware and effective communicator.

When you’re feeling Happy, use the wheel to pull from your Strong and Calm sectors to connect with others. If you are genuine, you will receive innate responses. Emotions trump tact. Leaders know this, and that is why most are labeled charismatic. Dimensions strengthen character. Find a way to exhibit more dimensions via well-placed emotion.

Story is to be seen (scene), recorded, and read. Usually, a story contains pertinent information on one or several topics. Your life is a story. No cameras are rolling, but you are the protagonist and I’m thinking that you’re also a leader. What would you want an on-looking audience to comprehend about you? Ask yourself:

  • Do you have the COURAGE to read, comprehend, and calibrate your running script, i.e., how you come-across?
  • Do you have the STAMINA to stick with making a change? Because it won’t happen overnight. You may even feel like you are “faking it,” but that will dissipate as Neuroscience kicks in and your calibration becomes your new standard.
  • Do you have COMMUNICATION skills that convey INSPIRATION? People are moved by inspiring words. To pull these words from your person, you must first input them. Install inspiring words by reading paralleling content. It is how society has evolved since the beginning of publishing; reading.

HISTORY is important. History is the record of today’s events that will be read tomorrow. Our ancestors left many notes on almost every major topic of life. Notes work much like the emotions wheel; not specific, but definitely direct. HEED the notes. History was not recorded for nothing. Use it to become a more effective LEADER, then use it in the script.


We got this.

A Good Read

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With life being so crazy and the news being all over the place,
I have opted to nix the TV and put a few books in my face.

I read at a very enthused pace. My inner voice cadence is sweet
when I am comprehending the dimensions of various creative sheets.

is my favorite reading stance.

Whatever for?
Sex is a necessary score.

I perused a couple of binds and found much inference there.
Which books, you may ask? I don’t mind if I do share:

Publisher’s Description::

Bring greater satisfaction to your relationship in every way–emotionally, spiritually, and physically–whether you’re preparing for your honeymoon or are empty nesters looking for a new spark.

Are you wondering if there’s more to your sex life than the status quo? Or maybe you have questions about your upcoming marriage that aren’t exactly appropriate for the rehearsal dinner? This edition of The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex from tell-it-like-it-is blogger and speaker Sheila Wray Gregoire includes new research from surveys of more than twenty-five thousand people. Through humor, stories, and highly-practical ideas, the author helps you:

  • See how God intends sex to unite couples physically, emotionally, and spiritually–and how to overcome roadblocks in each area
  • Understand more about your two bodies and how they were meant to go together
  • Find healing from past sexual experiences, sexual trauma, or pornography addiction
  • Figure out the missing piece in your sex life that often makes pleasure out of reach
  • Learn how to help your husband give you greater pleasure than ever before
  • Embrace sex with freedom, rather than viewing it with shame or embarrassment

Sheila’s content and style will appeal to:

  • Newly engaged couples who want to start their marriage out right
  • Married couples who wonder if sex will ever become what they’d hoped it would be
  • Followers of Sheila’s marriage blog and bestselling books
  • Pastors and counselors seeking a resource for helping engaged and married couples

Read The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex as your husband learns more about you in The Good Guy’s Guide to Great Sex. Clothing optional.”


Not a bad description of a book at all. Very tempting; a possible “delight-of-a-write.” But I’m more than just a “good girl,” so I ventured over to delve more into “GOOD SEX. Honestly, I had heard that the book is:

a fun, straightforward, and informative guide that shows you how to bring mindfulness into sex for a bigger, richer, and more present life.

A deep spiritual life and an extraordinary sex life are not mutually exclusive. In this keenly personal and unflinchingly frank guide, Jessica Graham teaches readers how to find mindfulness in sex—without losing the fun and adventure.

As Graham offers simple mindfulness tools and techniques for improving your sex life and romantic relationships, she also shares her own powerful personal journey. Once checked out and sexually traumatized, Graham was able to find recovery, joy, and peace in the present moment through mindfulness practices. She weaves together her story with meditations, down-to-earth suggestions, and advice on everything from orgasms to threesomes to dealing with a low sex drive.

Not only a tool kit for creating a rich and deeply satisfying sex life, this fun, explicit, and inclusive book conveys the deeper message of how combining meditation with sex can bring about profound spiritual awakenings.”


Mmm. Both book binds offer some really good stuff.
Sometimes we like it smooth, sometimes we like it rough.

I have inherited oodles of inference.
I’m highly inspired, and literally on the fence…

I’m thinking about writing a book to help a pent-up society to de-vex.
I’m considering composing a book about ‘decades of multi-orgasmic sex.

An elevated how-to…
A book that you can strip down and get into.

I’m thinking of incorporating a few of the acts that I’ve studied & enjoyed,
sharing a game or two to enhance “the view,” and perhaps tips on toys.

Writing on intimacy brings me joy, as does scripting Drama.
I’m looking to hook every eye peering, especially your mom’s and grand momma.

Yes, yes! It’s on my breast and these are pregnant times.
I’m thinking of binding a book, and great sex is on my mind.

Where is la petit, Dr. Ruth?
I believe she’ll appreciate the Science in my truths.

I’m quite excited.
So, I think I’ll write it.


How do you like it?


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Regenerative Science is on the rise
and was on my mind upon opening my eyes.

Good morning, dear beloved. How are you today?
The good news is yesterday is gone, and younger is our day.

We may not be at the point of re-growing limbs like the salamander or the gecko yet,
but we are well on our way; regenerative biology is a real bet.

I have four associates with the same core spinal issues,
regenerative meds were given to two and healed their bio tissues.

What gives, you ask? Science is giving.
What does it all mean, you ask? More quality living.

So, before you sign off to a wheelchair, a cane, or not dancing the night away,
do a little research to see how the science works, contact a doctor and continue to pray.

It’s not time to put those dancing shoes away.
You have not outgrown recess & play.

Good morning, beloved, awake refreshed, and embrace the whole day.
God has your back, and there is no lack — Stand by to regenerate.