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I’m an avid scientist and reader whose interested in exploring the OVER ACHIEVER.
In the veracity of the human spirit, I am a true believer. 

So, let us focus on a couple of highs today, starting with our fight –
against the Coronavirus and saving life.

America was stressed when our death tolls did rise.
Since then, President Biden has governed 100 million vaccinated twice

in less than 100-days that he has been in office.
I’m quite excited about our future and can’t get off of this

Focusing on the Over Achiever is a favorite of mine.

For as many years as I can recall I have endured teeth grinding melee,
until my Ortho’s overachieving Valedictorian skills were conveyed my way.

Quelling TMJD is not an easy task,
unless you’ve got an over achiever with an extended skill cap.

My orthodontist is a queen; with her exceptional skill, I am ridin.’
She’s about quality of life, much like President Biden.

I once confessed orthodontic concerns and was quite nervous,
regarding whether or not I was going to have to transfer my service

because my TMJD wasn’t yielding to the braces and brackets.
I thought my doc was at wits-end about it – but then she killed that racket.

She is an over achiever who is not one to be “out for the count.”
She stepped up and engineered a plan of resolution to mount.

And I have not been in pain ever since.
My orthodontist is the best and an over achiever, hence,

I wanted to write about it.
When folk expedite my quality of life, It’s my delight to shout it.

Which brings me back to President Biden and the vaccinations,
I’m head-over-heels happy for the veracity of our nation.

Thank you to all of the leaders who lead without question.
I appreciate your science of yield and connection.

As for those who lull in the low,
in the opposite direction – please refrain from suppressing the voter connection

The intentions of your heart do not have to be understood by all,
for karma to find you and cause your status quo to fall.

So, stop it.
Civility is everything; do cop it.

You don’t have to be an over achiever, but gosh darnit it is a good look.
I like a big brain with compassionate game helming the books.

President Biden and my orthodontist are such people.
They are at the top of their game, the apex, the steeple.

How are you standing? What are your values and goals?

I’m Qui

Happy Friday to thee, introspection is good for the soul.


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Ah, homogenization. What does it mean?

Homogenization is not my joint.  I am a chronicler of life, because living is the point. 

I am a composer of story because structure is clear. I am a being of love and I find you to be dear.

Story is important. Do you remember those by the camp fire? Did they ever mention your lane, your passion, or your desire? 

Whatever your answer is, story remains true. There is no “homogenization” when talking about you. 

What works for others is not your bag. You can’t assume what the other guy had. Life just doesn’t work like that and it’s not all bad. 

Lasting impressions are made with story. There’s no new tale under the sun, but your influence reflects new glory 

and I want to write about it. Revive no stale tale. Birth new scripts, and invoke excite about it.

This morning finds me up and on my dialogue. My mind is alert, my interests perked — I’m focused on you with no fog.  

How are you today? You are not like the others. There’s something about you that says, “elevated lover.”

There’s something about you that’s worth scripting out. And “that’s the thing” that great composition is about.

Homogenization belongs to the milk factory – it’s what tastes good. Homogenization is not for messaging in the storytelling hood. 

Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington, and Kiefer Sutherland alike, have all “come-up” via scripts of good writes. 

I’m watching you and writing. Life is remarkably exciting.

Care to read some? Oh yes, this is about you, hon.

Well, not quite about Mr. Nick Cannon — but I do admire his business acumen. 

Indeed, I do. But on a more specific topic, I’m writing about you. 

The way you walk, the way you talk — the way you hold your lips and clinch your jaw.

It’s news. You represent the community that molded you. 

My compositions are inspired by chaotic love and that awesome NBC series titled “THIS IS US.”

Have you seen it? Dialogue so good – one only dreams it. 

Every word of every conversation yields to proactive familial relations. The show is well composed and truly amazin.’

Curious about what to say in certain situations? “This Is Us” has the best conversation. What’s a view if it’s not about you comprehending elevation? 

The writing is thorough and deeply in-tune. They are 5 seasons in and coming to an end. It’s too soon!

Homogenization is not what humanity is about. Across the spectrum of man, “This Is Us” has serial clout. 

Communication is what it’s all about. Life isn’t much without it.
I’m Qui
You are my POV, much respect to thee. Please don’t ever doubt it.

Serial Watcher

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There are a number of synapses going off in my brain right now. There are many things to do, and details to comprehend on the HOW.

This happens all of the time. No matter what I do in real life, I summarize in rhyme.

Good afternoon beloved. I chose to sleep in. The clock moved up a notch, tho no alarm is my routine friend.

I rise when the body is ready, which is usually in the am-hours that look like night. I would go to bed at an earlier hour but I’m scripting screen excites.

Art imitates Life in many byte forms… afterwards, I retreat to sweet dream and angelic charms. How are you doing this morning? What is pending in this day for thee? Me, I’m off to hike a few mountains, but thinking about tv.

Have you been watching any good television lately – Have you found any series surprisers? One right off the cuff for me, is CBS’ EQUALIZER.  Are you watching? Queen Latifah in hand-to-hand combat is show-stopping.

I like Robyn McCall’s agility in her “action scenes.” I understand what the writers are doing, but depth-of-story is missing something.

Queen Latifah is a guru when it comes to series betting. The Equalizer’s writing, (is less than the 80’s episode exciting), some situations – fans are not “getting.”

As in, the show plays out like the series from 1980‘s did, but the Queen is neither a male nor white, and single with a kid.

Interesting change. I enjoy the familial aunt-inclusive scenes —  but having Robyn ride through the hood with suggestions to be good is “not a thing.”

I cringe every time she bikes up on dark danger. But then again, the Queen is a beast; of an action series she’s a wrangler.

There are a couple of other series I’ve been checking out as well. If you have a moment or two, drop in for a spell:

There is “BETTER THAN US.” It’s a Russian born series divvying A.I. love. You’ll love the auto mechanics of the protagonist chick. Give Better Than Us a looks’y – it broadcasts on Netflix.

Also on the same streamer is a series starring a dude of deep melanin kin — his charms are no alarm and he’s a thief among like-gentlemen. If you don’t know who I’m hinting at, consider dropping in on “LUPIN.” If you think life goes in a straight line, prepare for an entertaining bend. Oui-oui, Lupin:

Last but not least, have you seen PARADISE PD? It’s a reality-parallel cartoon on Netflix tv. Oh my, those writers are a beast. They cram a lot of societal views inside of this dark comedy.

Genre Cart-Dramedy, (cart stands for cartoon). Though this kind of animation may not air before noon.

You know the kind. Watch it alone, before “family viewing time.” Not suitable for small farm animals and children is what you might find.

Wether you walk towards either of these series’ or run – I’m thinking  you’ll agree they are a lot of fun.

What else is there to do on a Monday?

I’m Qui

Analyzing what’s on network tv as well as Pay.