United We Move – WORK IN

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So, last year I followed my fit-conscious kid into Planet Fitness and joined. I did not miss a week visiting the gym until it closed its doors out of public health caution. But they didn’t close us out. At Planet Fitness, BLACK CARD members are allowed to bring a friend to workout with them for free. I hated not offering you a chance to tag along. Thanks to ‘the rona‘ all of that has changed. Planet Fitness has given me the green light to bring you along and at no health risk or charge. They have started a YOUTUBE Channel that caters to our love handles, thick thighs, soft pecs & arms. They are both fun and effective.

Care to do reps with me?

working out-icons.png

I was up at 3am this morning shaking my hands and hips,
gasping a little and pressing my water flask to my lips
because I intend to stay fit
while I’m in this house with no ‘voluntary dip.’

Meaning, I have not the option to leave the house and visit the gym,
but I can bring the gym to us and BURN CALS with all of them:

The work in is purr-fect and will add shine and render you a hottie.
Now, follow this fella if you’re into working the UPPER BODY:


These are the two that I rose up to meet at 3 am this morning.
There’s no need to let fitness recede; kick-to-the-curb your yawning.
If better health is what you hope to be spawning
Join me and PLANET FITNESS this morning.

Because UNITED we win 
and I don’t know when the gym will open again.

In the meantime, dear kin,
I’m Qui
Good morning goodness, let’s all WORK IN.

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