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Schmoozing with Fab5

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FFF Vegas2014 Fall

Fred “Fab5Freddy” Brathwaite – Vegas 2014

A trip to New York is not ever complete without a trip to visit my awesome mentor and dear friend Fred “Fab5Freddy” Brathwaite, so that’s exactly what I did.

Fab is a very busy man, so let me express as much as possible how honored I was to get “any of his time” let alone time at the breakfast and dinner table with him. For breakfast we dined on a read by Talib Kweli with a side of bacon, pancakes and a fantastic cup of jo, (that he prepared for us). Good stuff. The literal cuisine was captivating and rivet-connecting. The article was titled, “Nigga? Please.” It was quite sufficient.

An evening meal of Ecuadorian rice caught us discussing Steve Stout‘s: The Tanning Of America. My mentor is a museum of knowledge and always has an interesting piece on hand. No boring conversation there. Knowledge rules the world, and I prefer to be a part of the ruling force, so I jotted down a reminder to get ahold of TTOA – all four hours of it.

Yes, I made tons of notes during our time together, but getting more familiar with The Tanning of America was at the top of my list. It was broadcast live in February of this year, and I don’t know how, but somehow I must have missed it. Thanks to VH1, I’m all caught up and am able to lay it out today, for your review.

Why would you want to review the broadcast too? Well, for one, this is the perfect time to watch it. It won’t clear up anything that’s going on in the world today as it pertains to race relations, Mike Brown or Travon Martin. No. But what it will do is hip you, educate you to the culture of your other neighbor. If nothing else, it opens up an interesting discussion. America needs so many more discussions.

Let’s see what all of the melanin is about in The Tanning of America:

Fab 5 Freddy sits on the panel with an awesome lineup of #GoodHeads hosted by Gail King: Steve Stout, Nas, Al Sharpton, Billy Corben and Daymond John

The full broadcast ran 4-days, for one hour each day. Click HERE to taste the knowledge.

musical divider

Unity is in the Music.
If it’ll work, then sure! Let’s use it.

There’s more connecting us, than what keeps us apart.
The Tanning of America’s discussion is timely and smart.

Schmoozing with Fab5Freddy always leaves my lobes on wrinkle,
I’m Qui
And if knowledge was bladder heavy — every 5 minutes I’d have to tinkle.

Jam a Fab Freddy throwback!
FFF G-Shock Mix 2012

Getting Back To It

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The Grind

Photo Flipbook Slideshow Maker

So tomorrow is THANKSGIVING DAY 
so thankful for life, I am yielding to pray.

I’m sitting here in Chandler, on this Wednesday Morning
thinking about the tone that we’re forecasting for future dawning .

I am an involved parent, who likes to be all-up-in-it.
I chauffeur to and from school, everyday: 80-minutes.

Conversation in the car has been thick
I’ve no “dancing around the obvious” tricks.

My kid is 17 and I heard the pain in her throat
when she said, “America! What’s wrong? I can’t wait to vote!”

She’s ON IT. She’s awake. I prayed for a graceful awakening.
Seems the generation before hers is down for some ‘earth shaking.’

They see the injustice and while they love Dr. Martin Luther King
They believe in being incessantly pushy to change a wrong thing.

I love them and I love you, America. I love the good intent of our system.
To act like an injustice is not going on is to be dismissive and consequent wishin’.

I pray no violence breaks out and no lives are lost in the face of this struggle.
I can’t believe you can’t feel my pain. Come on. Bring it in. I’m a big hugga’.

My kid is concerned about what she’s going to have to face tomorrow, beyond the high school doors.
I’m melancholy that she’s awake. Hurt that I can’t protect her, anymore, from the worlds unbalanced scores.

She’s a black kid, and I am a black mother.
I raised her to love all. We’re LIFE LOVERS.

I do what I’ve got to do and now, I’m fixed on my grind – talking to you.
I’ve got some positive routes that I’m going to have to hip her to.
This is a journey. I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do.
I’m praying for the situation. I’m praying for you.

I’m praying for me. I’ve got somethings to deal with.
It’s Hump Day baby, and I’m Getting Back To It!

I’m happy that I have this avenue to vent what doth pierce my heart,
I’m Qui
Happy to be linked to thee. I bid you peace, love and a positive spark!

Good Customer Service


Black Friday is on its way,
and your bank balance includes holiday pay!

It’s on now!
Macy’s is about see you clown now!

I ain’t mad at you. Retail therapy can be so good it can make you holla,
so more power to ya sister and brother – just spend wisely, that dollar.

Just don’t be so quick to patronize
those who despise

your very brown existence
following you around the store ‘thief wishin.’

I’m not saying Macy’s is that kind of joint,
but your dollar has weight… and that is my point.

Have fun on Black Friday, consuming those sales.
If shopkeepers don’t make you feel welcomed, exit the store like, “Oh well.

Take your weighty dollars and bail.
I’m sure, up the way, there’s an all encompassing sale.

Pay attention to #Marketing & #CustomerService


No sooner than a black president is put into office
racism kicks up and hails #1 divisive topic.

Please keep in mind, Trayvon and Mike are two very recent reasons
why blacks feel like this is quite the nasty season.

Airing It Out

TOGETHERness Unity

WE can do better. FEEL for ME like I FEEL for YOU.

Come on. We have to talk about it sometimes. Don’t let those riling up bad times be the only ones able to rile. It’s time to stand together and say enough is enough. A shift in police power in a negative light may be your neighbors concern today, but by the looks of things, the lack of compassion and in some cases ‘the condoning of’ such behavior will indeed be your problem tomorrow. Then what? You’re going to want me to be outraged and march about it? Guess what? I probably will. Because I care about how you feel. Do you care for me as much?

I’m obviously worried about the state of my country;
I don’t care what others think, our current feel is foul and funky.

I’m worried about race relations and the message we’re sending to the youth.
I’m worried that we told them this was a “post racial era,” when we knew that wasn’t true.

I never bought into that anyway. If you’re a minority, everything but post racism rules the day,
I’m Qui
Not surprised about the Ferguson ruling. Historical nastiness continues to play.

No need for you to personally get hurt just to feel my pain.
Unite with me today and let’s tourniquet this bleeding vein.

PS… Judging by the lay of topics in view,
I’d have to say this is definitely a NEWS PERUSE.

You have been served. 🙂

Turned on by…

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lifeThe little miracles that add up to a heart beating all day – strong.
I’m turned on by “the freedom of will,” to choose right from wrong.

I’m turned on folks! Because life is exactly what you make of it.
If good is your base, continue the chase – you’re certainly going to make it.

I’m turned on by knowledge! So I consume it everyday.
I’m always smiling, and question wilding to good minds that come my way.

Hey-ey. How you doin’?” I’m saying in my Wendy Williams voice.
I like the way it feels. Turned on by life — it’s my choice.

Good morning blogosphere world. If you’re reading and breathing, then you’re good,
I’m Qui
Glad to be kicking it with thee. I’m turned on that you stopped by my hood.

Every stimulation isn’t a sexual one, for my nipples did not perk on this cue.
I’m turned on because you’re healthy and strong. I’ve nothing but good love for you.

Qui Turned On Fall2014

Jam with me today: JILL SCOTT

Biting this APPLE

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Marcs Way StationBuffalo, NY is doing all kinds of snowy things,
while a pretty cold Manhattan continues to make me sing.

It’s cold outside yes, – for winter is rolling in,
This day was a good day, to take the train to Brooklyn.

I’m fan of the subway system. I’m new and I dig it very much.
You can get any where for  a pretty cheap fare. An awesome NY touch.

So I went to Brooklyn, bundled in layers, trying to stay hot,
and stopped by The Way Station with my friend, Marc Abbott.

He’s a literary genius, a soul who knows no fears,
And the haunt, where he hangs, reminds me of CHEERS.

Everybody was friendly and the service was fantastically insane
Marc worked the space, us glued to his face, and yes, they knew his name.

A horror film showing was on deck and so dear to the fan based heart.
It was Bill Paxton and Jenette Goldstein — in that cult flick “NEAR DARK.”

Have you seen it? We had a blast!
Then it was back to the cold streets and walking fast.

The people in New York are different by far,
with legs and a transit map, who needs a car?

They walk in weathered conditions that I’ve only slept in,
with hat, coat and scarf, they set out for the win!

I like their style and I like their resilience… always mission clocking.
Me? I’m over here in Brooklyn eating pizza and people watching.

It’s good for the soul to observe and accept the charge of reflection,
I’m Qui
Biting This APPLE, doing a resilience dabble and embracing my NY connections.

There’s #Nourishment in this apple.

Qui Nov in NY2014
I think it’s good for me.
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When visiting NY

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Qui Met Museum 2014And so I decided to get the unlimited ride metro card and take the bus, to the Metropolitan Museum. Boy, am I glad I did. I had a blast. The CUBISM Exhibit is on display and was captivating. I stood for hours in a parallel trance enjoying the work of Gris, Braque, Picasso and Leger. I also dropped in on The ARTS of AFRICA, OCEANA AND THE AMERICAS – Good stuff. I also took a walk down Madison Avenue and did some window shopping. I thought about going in, and then I thought about what my bank balance would look like when I return home, and so, I kept on walking.

The weather? Well, it isn’t “sunny and warm Arizona weather,” but it has been beautiful and sunny for the most part of my trip and always ranging between 39-46 degrees and the air is thick with COOL. No, it’s COLD. Cool is not the word, however, it’s really an easy cold if you’re well insulated and I have been. It’s certainly not southern weather, but its definitely the type of Fall you can fall for.

Before I close, let me mention how affordable the metro card is compared to calling a cab or a car! Amazing! Prior to this trip, I was riding high and mighty in private cars and taxi cabs and then returning home low on funds. Ha! That will not be the case this time. I’m on the train baby and the entertainment therein, can not be beat. I am happy today! How about you? decorative-line-divider1

When was the last time you visited New York? Well baby, that’s too long.
This place is amazing. So diverse, so strong.

I don’t visit as often as I’d really like,
though whenever I do, I birth the most awesome writes.

And so I am here today, and creativity is all around me.
My mind and heart, wide open – the beauty of Fall has found me!

I am happy! Happy! Happy! I couldn’t help but write — I am a writer,
I’m Qui
Today is on point, I’m rocking this joint, and tomorrow’s going to be even tighter.

All this MATTER! What we gone do?

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science_is_sexyI’m an artsy girl, a gadget girl, a chocolate eating, nerd loving, information gathering girl
. I am her! So it’s no wonder that at 4:00 am this morning I was up watching the SCI Chanel, grossly involved in HOW THE UNIVERSE WORKS. Fascinating stuff! Did it turn me on? You betcha!

It’s no secret, that I’ve been intimately involved with a nerd for more than 2-decades now. He lives on food, water, air, math and science. Screw fashion! His cargo shorts are a 365-day fashion must in his world of INTEL life. Technology companies hold some of the greatest minds. I often sit in the parking lot in my car and watch them file into the tech campus, most of them dress in cargo shorts and nikes, most of them carry awesome swiss army backpacks that they call mobile desks. I call it a NERSE — which is short for NERD PURSE. lol! It seems to hold quite a bit of matter. Technological matter.

divider blk_south

Math and Science. It’s necessary at our very core.
Knowledge rules the world and this is a hell of a score.

I’m not about creationism side taking. I’m trying to understand like Hamlet,
I want to see HOW scientific particle play, began in the universes gamut.

The HOW THE UNIVERSE WORKS show that I saw this morning was titled, “FIRST SECOND,” it originally broadcasted this year (2014) and it’s information line reads: “The most important second in history which seals the universe’s fate.”

Sounds good. Right? I was so intrigued, I couldn’t resist transcribing it for you. Now mind you, this is a 60-minute show, so… we’ll see how long I can keep up. Please keep in mind, that Math and Science are turn on’s for me, so technically… we could be at this all day:

 The most momentus second in history: the first. “In that first moment of creation in the first second, space and time, matter and energy – everything was set into motion.” [Ref: Michio Kaku] Space and Time burst into existence, giving birth to the universe. “More things happened in that first second that will probably happen in the entire future of the universe – no matter how long it lives” [–Ref: Lawrence M. Krauss]  This violate first second will define everything, including you. “So that very first second, understand that is the key to understanding the universe.” [Ref: Phil Plait]

Look up at the night sky, our universe. An awesome spectacle. Stunning, exhilarating, humbling. And look at all the world around us, bursting with life, with natural wonders, with those we love. All of this, everything we see, comes from one miraculous moment: THE BIG BANG!

LAWRENCE M. KRAUSS, Cosmologist — “The big bang was more than just a creation of matter. It was the creation of the universe, which means the creation of space and time.”

Creating time, space and everything is a pretty neat trick, obviously, it happen, but so far, physics hasn’t figured out how.

MICHIO KAKU, Theoretical Physicist — “We don’t know why it banged, we don’t know what bang, we don’t know how it’s banging.

All we know for sure, all the existence suddenly burst into life. This is the beginning of the first second, when time itself is set to zero.

LAWRENCE: “It’s the moment when everything we see, all hundred billion galaxies each of which contain a hundred billion stars, all of tat material was compressed in a region which was infinitely small.”

In its first second, the universe evolves more erratically than the 13.8 billion years that follow.

PHIL PLAIT, American Astronomer — “The first second of the universe, was the most important second that that universe had. And it went through more stages in that first second than it has in all the time since.

So much happens so quickly that scientist need a whole concept of time.

LAWRENCE:  “We’re human beings, one second can seem like a very short time, but in the universe, an incredible amount can happen.”

We measure our lives in hours, minutes and seconds, but they’re useless without the time stamp of creation because the big bang unfolds, almost, instantaneously.

LAWRENCE: “We have taken our understanding of what the universe was like back from one second, to a tenth of a second, a hundredth of a second, a thousandth of a second, a millionth of a second, a billionth of a second, all the way back to a time with the laws of physics as we now know them, break it down.”

That far back, time must be measured in unimaginable, tiny slivers known as planck time.

LAWRENCE: “One way of understanding how that actually happens in the first second is to think in units of the plank time. The planck time being 10 to the minus 43 seconds. There’s a billion, billion, billion, billion, billion planck times in one second. The are only a billion billion seconds in the entire history of the universe. That’s far fewer seconds in all of history since one second to today than there were from the planck time to the first second.”

By breaking time up into tiny fragments we can imaging the birth of the universe, moment by moment.

In the beginning space and time are wrapped up in an infinitesimally small spec of pure energy. As the planck time clock starts running this nod of space and time somehow burst into life.

PHIL:  “The big bang wasn’t an explosion in space, it was an explosion of space.”

As the hands of our cosmic clock approaches the first planck time all of space expands, the universe emerges everywhere at once…

FAR OUT stuff! At this point in the show, (which is only 5 minutes into it), I am captivated, intrigued and wide open in the lobe department. I’m a knowledge vampire, I biting into the juicy intricate parts sometimes and math, science and physics will take you there. So in an attempt to ‘get to the good part’, I will digress from translating and share the video with you, (THANKS



Variety is the spice of life. You can not know, if you do not research.
Knowledge– like this, is heavy, but still  it doesn’t hurt
to just know as much exists. Scientist aren’t mad hatters.
I dig them, because they understand (more than myself), ‘about the matter.’

All this MATTER! What we gone do?
Creationism + Big Bang may indeed hold some truths.

On March 13th, 2013, the Higgs Boson was a success.
Onlookers cried, as particles charged making the big bang connect.

Good news for them! Good news that’s still very much a mystery.
Who really cares, we’ll be noted as a people who dared; translated in tomorrows history.

I like the note worthy, lobe provoking mention during our time. Give science a cheer.
Paint me to be a vandal with pen, I blog to note in history that I was indeed here!

So let the documented pages of time, document that we were intelligent and pushy.
I’m Qui
and good brain on the Sci Channel is like rain. A sexy mind is wrinkly and gushy.

I don’t mean to be obscene,
but creases in the lobe are the sexiest thing.

Keep a healthy balance of Nerdism and Cool, 
As it pertains to life, ye ol’ #KnowledgeRules!!!!

So What-do-ya-know?

Lady magazines lace you up, but

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you_can_do_itSometimes the rules cock block self improvement. I’m sure I’m not the only one whose been in a long checkout line reading lady magazines, and measuring myself up. Now I’m mostly talking to women, but men if these shoes fit, lace ’em up honey!

Being a lady ain’t easy, the author of the following piece explores being the perfect lady and walks us through the advice column of many, co-signing on some, and never minding others. I found THE PERFECT LADY blog to be a hoot and thought this would be a good share on this fair day.  It’s FALL, fall into a good read with me. Highlight this one under Self Improvement, Encouragement and Laughter.  Let’s go!

—– If the cheap and easy ways to be happy and the Seven Secrets to happiness weren’t enough, you can now have 24 shortcuts to a happy life. You don’t have to take the long w   ay around, thanks to these rules. You can just take 24 wonderful shortcuts and get there much faster.

Maybe before you read lots of magazines (Cosmopolitan is a good example) that told us that we could become happy by trying a new life-changing eye cream (the writer there has been searching for the One, meaning the perfect eye cream), finding true love with the hunky lifeguard person, or getting the perfect job (note: I searched for “dream job” on the website, and most of the stuff I got were shirtless bachelor pictures). Some even told us that we could find happiness by moving to Sweden, of all places. (WOOHOO! Men pushing baby buggies!)

But contrary to what they say, those things — true love, eye creams, and dream jobs — are not what true happiness is all about.  True happiness, instead, is about 24 easy little shortcuts. In fact, Cosmopolitan, to quote, has “unearthed piles of research on the power of positivity to show you just how easy it is to put yourself on cloud nine in an instant.” Knowing people in general, it’s generally understood that people love instant stuff.

Instant coffee is pretty awesome. So is the tea that you just put in a cup of hot water for a a cup of jo few minutes. We love instant. Maybe that’s why the idea of getting something good instantly appeals to us.

Or maybe it appeals to that part of us that is tempted to steal the free ketchup packets at McDonalds.

Since there are 24, I will not be able to go into them at much detail. However, I shall do my best. Do notice that there are 24. These 24 correspond to the hours in a day. If you try to do one an hour, you will be in Happiness Land on a day.

Don’t believe everything you think. Like when your inner voice (no, not the same voice as Oprah’s inner voices, though it could well be the same. I don’t know) starts blabbering about how much of a fatty you are. You might be a fatty, and then again you might not.

Quit spying on yourself during sex. Just… don’t. I don’t have anything else to say.

Cat walk like NAOMI CAMPBELLC0py the catwalk. If you walk like a model, you’ll be happy. It’s proven. Think like a runway goddess. By the way, in my church there’s a family where the women walk like models. The mother wears very tight clothes so that it seems like she’s wearing a corset. I’ve concluded that she doesn’t know how to breathe anymore. But anyway, she and her daughters walk like models. The sway of the hips, and the foot in front of the other.

Cosmopolitan says that this way of walking is the reason that Gisele Bundchen is so happy. Not because she’s rich or because she has such a beautiful body.

You know, runway models look so darn happy all the time. I’ve always wondered why. Now I know.

Pad your time. Don’t run late. Not only will you be happy, but so will others, too. Like your date who’s been waiting at the restaurant for the past hour.

Get engaged. Not the wedding bells way, but rather getting really absorbed in something. Like a raunchy romance novel. Those things are easy to get absorbed in, or so I’ve heard. True to form, Cosmopolitan does say mention that thumbing through their latest issue is very absorbing and thus happiness inducing. I wouldn’t know. When becoming absorbed in a project, example being thumbing through Cosmopolitan, you boost your sense of competence and well-being. Yay! Another excuse to read that magazine.

Grin, even if you don’t feel like it. Dont Forget to SMILERemember the forced grins? Apparently some of you commented saying that you wished it worked for weight loss. Sorry, ladies (and guys), it doesn’t. Though I understand why you think it should work.

Go out on a school night. I wouldn’t know because I like to stay home on school nights, but people have shown the blahs staying alone by themselves. Sometimes it’s great to just go out to a bar and get picked up by a random guy…

Shorten your “I wish I’d…” list. No objections.

RSVP “no” to invites that feel like obligations. You don’t like them, you don’t even know them, and you don’t even speak to them. Believe me, they did it out of obligation as well, to be nice, and they’ll be all over themselves once they see the “no” on the RSVP card.

Paint a wall, rearrange your furniture, or take the curtains off of your windows. WHAT THE HECK? What kind of phrase is “off of”? My grammar book says it’s VERY WRONG. *mutter* But yes, this is why I have so many bumps and bruises. And this is also why you hear lots of banging when I’m in a bad mood. And also why my house looks like a wreck.

Listen to elevator music. … ok.

Car In TowOwn your screwups. Again… claim some responsibility here. It’s not the evil forces’ fault. It was yours for not reading the sign that said “cars parked here after so and so will be towed at owner’s expense.” Though if you do live in the city of Boston, I can’t help you here. Sorry.

Dump your diet. Screw Cosmopolitan! Screw Glamour! REBEL!!!

Always have something to look forward to. Dinner reservations. Blind dates. Concert tickets. What would make me happy is music. So I buy music CDs. It’s fun waiting for them to come, especially if they ship from Britain and take a couple of weeks to come. Right now I’m waiting for a Switchfoot CD and a Casting Crowns’ Lifesong CD.

Blow off a grudge. I think this is the smartest thing Cosmo has said, since… since… I don’t know. I didn’t think they had it in them. But you know, bad energy and all that. Karma. Whatsitcalled.

Get dirty. Go back, back to your days of being a toddler playing in dog doo… back to the nostalgia of feeling the happiness of the poo sliding through your fingers, before the big ones came and snatched you away with a loud voice. You cried. But you can still go back to those days.

Line your favorite and famously uncomfortable stilettos with moleskin. Huh? (By the way, I intended to put a picture of someone’s high heels over here, but WordPress was being annoying and wouldn’t show it. Stupid wordpress, sometimes.)

Create a ritual. Because life is just so unpredictable, we need an oasis in the desert, an island in the midst of the roiling oceans of life. It keeps you grounded. And makes you happy. I’m not sure how, but hey…

Don’t flake out. You probably know the girl who always cancels at the last minute. Don’t be like her. You will become friendless, lonely, and possibly die single. Or become one of those crazy women with cats. It’s nice to cancel once in a while (like in the case of saying no to obligations you really don’t want to attend) but not all the time.

Perform a bad-mood intervention on yourself. Out! Out, you demons of PMS! It says that covering your eyes help a lot. So does deep sighing.

Treat yourself to a massage. There’s nothing like the feeling of skin-to-skin contact. Really. It sends happy signals to your brain. Touch is awesome. So much that there’s a Touch Research Institute somewhere in Miami.

Visit O-Town today. Not Oprah town. The other one. Open the floodgates

Try color therapy! With Sesame Street! Cosmopolitan tells us that there are four certain colors that provide “major mood-boosting benefits.”


  • Red increases your heart rate. It also makes you want to sleep with anything that’s human, male, and is breathing.
  • Orange will give you energy. “It’s the Energizer Bunny of brights.”
  • Yellow can relieve depression and make your memory better, so you can think about all the bad times that you’ve had before.
  • Green is soothing. Especially mint green. You’ll be too relaxed to think about how horrible your life is.

Remember these colors for the next time you’re in a bad mood and are tired of rearranging the furniture. You can always buy a bucket of paint and redo all the walls by yourself.

In closing, Cosmopolitan has helpfully provided the five symptoms that show that you really need to start following all 24 shortcuts. In fact, if you find yourself thinking HALP or OMG or a variation of any of those, and you most likely will, you have to start using those shortcuts NOW.

1. The sight of a kissy-feely couple makes you physically ill. Physically ill meaning that you want to throw up. Your stomach feels bad, and you are deeply regretting that bag of colorful (yet happy inducing) Skittles you ate for lunch. This might be a sign that you need a man and have been lonely too long.

The only time you’re in touch with Mother Nature is when you’re walking to your car. I have no idea what this means. It probably has something to do with the wonderfully fresh city air. Or something.

When a coworker asks “Is somebody having a bad day?” you actually growl. Or grunt. I grunt. Like a man. Do you?

Your boyfriend gave you a new sweatsuit for your birthday. Because exercise is so totally fun, and there’s no pressure at all. So why do you want to bite his head off? You need a new boyfriend, STAT.

You blow off your girlfriends because you’re too busy… doing a whole lot of nothing. It’s a horrible thing to be busy doing nothing… though that’s kind of an oxymoron.

Do you show any of these symptoms? You are a very diseased individual who needs plenty of help. Start following the 24 shortcuts to happiness right now, before you get any worse.

Have fun! With these 24 shortcuts, you’re guaranteed to be a very happy woman! And maybe you won’t be single anymore!”

shoe divider

The Perfect Lady is a comic, the perfect lady is wiser still.
The intense work that goes into keeping a blog is also very real.

The Perfect Lady spoke her piece, and she writes for naught no more,
She realized higher knowledge (here days in college) could yield a much bigger score.

And so I came upon this piece and enjoyed the encouragement of a young lit’s mind.
I’m Qui
Happy Monday sweetheart. Strive to be perfect – in your own kind.

For it is from within that my sun doth shine.
Radiant am I, for you digging my grind.
Muah! Much Love , Respect, and oh, my!

Qui Kisses

The Right to Write About…

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“I hate to get legal and everything,
but when they removed my child — the alarm did ring,” —

divider blk_south

Law Knowledge B4 college

This high school student has her mind on her rights, the constitution, the law and tomorrow…

About a week ago, my student journalist/We Are The People minor/child student was filming a “verbal incident” between a student and a public school security officer inside of a public library. My daughter, with rights on deck and iPhone in hand began to film the incident. The head librarian, Ms. O, saw her doing so and yelled that she stop recording because it is against the rules and kicked my daughter out of the public library.

Rules & Rights
My daughter inquired of the rules and was told that she absolutely may not film in a public place. She then asked for a copy of the rules and was refused a copy. My daughter questioned if she indeed has the right to film in a public place and asked the librarian if her “rights” were somehow altered after walking into the door of the facility? — at which point, the librarian had my daughter held by security, while she called for back up. The head librarian then had my daughter removed from the public library premises by 2 public school male security officers, yielding her no reason as to why.

Minor Abduction
The officers put my daughter into a public school facility vehicle, drove her away from the public library drove her between two buildings and stated they were doing so to “question her.”

My kid tried to call me, but I was in route to pick her up and did not hear the call. She called my husband in terror, put him on the speaker and told him she was being driven away somewhere – she didn’t know where nor did she know why. After a brief back and forth on the speaker phone between my husband and the security officer driving. My husband ordered our daughter to get out of the vehicle, but the kid said the vehicle was in motion. My husband spoke profanely to the driver and the vehicle came to a halt. The security officer felt “disrespected” and left the vehicle, and walked away towards the pubic school administration office (which is relatively close to the public library).

I texted my kid because I was in the public library parking lot, looking for her. She came running to the car from another direction – not from inside of the public library and this is the story she told me.

Hairy. Huh? I know.  And we are aware that we are very blessed to have our daughter with us today, because this situation could have gone any way. Who knows what the intentions were of the security guards that drove her off of the public library premises?

I know you have questions, so let me run down a few I think you may have, like:

1. Did I get out of the car and take care of the situation ON THE SPOT?
I sure did. The time was approximately 3:30pm. I went into the public library and addressed both the female security that detained my daughter and the head librarian. They admitted to having her removed. Having no rules to in paper or url form to support their claim that iPhone filming in the public library is against the rules, but both agreed they they were appalled seeing the two security men leave the premises with our daughter. The librarian also added that such violation had nothing to do with the public library but the public school administration. She then directed me to a building south of the library building that is the administration office and told me to take my issue up there.

2. Did I go to the school administration office?
Right away. School let out at 2pm, it’s now about 3:40pm, the incident happen at 3pm, (after school hours), so the administration office personnel was scarce. I was told someone would call me to handle the situation.

Long story a little shorter,

The senior principle ended up telling my daughter that the library was in violation for kicking her out of the library and that her issue is not with the school but with the public library.

3. Did I go to the police?
I went to the police, they advised me to seek council as they were shocked that someone had removed my child from a public library and dropped her off between two buildings.

4. Did I call an attorney?
I did.


I hate to get legal and everything,
but when they removed my child — the alarm did ring.

Administrative finger pointing, buildings not adjoining – whose burden is it carry?
Removal of my daughters rights and then of her person — was not necessary.

There was zero minutes elapsed between my daughter telling me that story and me asking questions.
I got the run around and so I’ve found, I’ll get no answers without channeling a legal profession.

No Arrest? No. Primarily due to the reason of “no assault.”
Now, I’m holding my husbands left fist, so that no case (for him), will be caught.

I’ll keep you in the loop of the VIOLATION OF RIGHTS drama that is amidst.
Miz Qui don’t take no mess behind her law abiding kids.

I have The Right to Write About what happens in my life, be it present or past,
I’m Qui
and if this weren’t happening to me, I would still be a tad bit mad.

Mainly for one reason:
1. If my child had not jumped out of the vehicle and ran to me, or if during her run she had been intercepted by another – with foul intentions, and never made it the car, Do you think ANYONE WOULD HAVE TOLD ME what happened to MY DAUGHTER?

Today, I could have been blogging about something else, far more somber. I am grateful. I am outraged. I have The Right to Write About…


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Art and The ArtistOnce upon a time in a land not so far, far away,
everyone had his job, while The Artists waited for day.

Sun up and sun down. Cloth on and cloth off.
He worked incessantly with vision that couldn’t be stopped.

The Artist produced ART! One works after another.
The Artist loved his work. His canvas – his lover.

Art and The Artist became synonymous with fine taste.
Though he would not be paralleled to it – until 6 feet in his grave.

VanGogh, Kandinsky, and all of the likes.
Worked feverishly for little. Working day and night.

I’m a VanGogh fan. Kandinsky is quite the mind to unfold.
Artists are truly a pleasure and their life spans –  behold.

Not just the painters, but the Langston Hughes writers alike.
Had it not been for him and Paul Lawrence Dunbar – I could have missed the write.

Art and The Artist: They are instrumental in our societal run.
However, if no one jots or paints a picture — we thwart the historical sum.

Therefore, in this day and age, let me do my duty
and point out The ARTISTS who are molding todays beauty:

Just Reed 2014

Talk about raw art — he’s not signed with anyone,
and his passion makes commissioning him,  all the more fun!

I’ve got my eye on him – with paint, I’d like him to parallel my soul.
He must have read my mind and produced in kind the woman with the afro.

From one artist to the other, I like this brothers bleed.
So without further adu, from me to you, ye introductions of Just Reed.

Drop in on his website feed:

I’m an artist myself. With Griot words I wisdom dabble.
I’m an artist with acrylic & canvas — my beloved scribble scrabble.

I’m an artist to my heart, and I know you know that.
I was raised on food, water, love and the birth of HIP HOP/Rap.

In saying that, another Artist comes to mind.
He’s young in age but good talent isn’t hard to find.

Straight from the motherland of Africa – Johanesburg,
I introduce 15-year old Oarabile — his Art is to be heard.

Method Zavala Fall 2014

Oarabile is a rapper and his father, Rueben Zavala is a poet.
I met his dad in 2004 on QE — I’ve poetic proof to show it.

We’re great friends – for a decade now; from online to real life,
And Oarabile is his poetic son, who adding beats to his writes:

I’m an artist to my heart – via griot, canvas,  camera and laptop.
I’m Qui
Exposing Artists. I’m addicted to it and I won’t stop.

Do you know of an artist that needs more exposure towards his grind?
Drop me some 411 – we love helping the artist shine.